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Windows My Game Will No Longer Load!

Hi - I have a need to update my old GameMaker games. I tried loading one of them on the latest version of GameMaker, however, I have received this error:
"Unable to save the following files (please see the output panel for more details)".

I then get a message "Resource load failures encountered" and it then lists a number of files that were not loaded.

I looked up this error and received links to these two pages:

The pages suggest that there is a key that starts with "6efe6<long string of hexadecimals>". I have opened up the ypp file in notepad, but there is no 6efe6! I note there are a lot of resource types.

I would be grateful for some help as to how I open these old games so I can update them!

One of the pages says you can remove the key, but need to pay attention to the comma. What exactly does that mean? When you delete the key do you delete the entire line including the comma?


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            "Key": "6efe6<long string of hexadecimals>",
            "Value": {
                "id": "1c18f<another long string of hexadecimals>",
                "resourcePath": "views\\6efe6<long string of hexadecimals>.yy",
                "resourceType": "GMFolder"
the "6efe6" bit is unimportant and is just an illustration of how resource UUIDs in the XML are stored. The important thing is that you need to remove the key from the file that matches the keys shown in the error message that pops up. The bit about the comma means that if you look at the key above the very last character at the bottom is a comma, and if you delete the key make sure that the key before and the key after are still separated by a comma otherwise the XML will break. Also, MAKE A BACKUP OF THE FILE before trying to edit it manually.


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I would assume so? However I honestly don't know for sure as I've never had this issue and have never needed to go digging around in the XML...
Hi - thank you for the message Nocturne. I have found that I was getting my files from a back up which added a UTC in all of the file names. I think this might explain why some of the resource load failures.