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Hello fellow gamemaker devs,

I want to show you my first completed and released game and talk about the process of making it.

First things first.
About me:
I work like one year with gamemaker now, and learned a lot through some tutorials and tried myself at some projects that didn't go well. (I dreamed too big ^ )
So, about two or three months ago, I said to myself, you must complete one game from start to finish. (With everything like programming, graphics and sounds).
I wanted to learn as much as possible, try new things, go my own way.

After this I wanted to make some simple Space Invaders clone for Windows.
First I searched the web for everything about gameplay and mechanics. (It's not super simple, as I
I started with programming and some old placeholder sprites.
Then the Story got messy:

Keyboard, Controller and Mouse input(for the Menu)
The Menu itself, the buttons, with sounds etc.
Destructible Terrain
This was hardcore for me^ First I created the bunker with code and an one pixel
object. So I got four bunkers with around 8000 objects. This was not was I wanted
I wanted to draw my Bunker as an picture and it should be destroyed like the terrain in
So I searched the web for a solution and found a tutorial.
With this tutorial I learned how a surface works and how to set it up.
Now I had destructible bunkers with every picture I want.
Soundoptions: I wanted to have a slider to choose the volume.
Savesystem for options.
Highscoresystem up to ten names.
After this I decided to actually release the game to the google play store.
This was a new direction, some functions were obsolete.
I reworked always everything minimum once.

Obsolete features:
Highscoresystem with name (Just needed one highscore without names)
New features:
One screen movement, shoot, pause buttons
Virtual Keys
Key resize options
Haptic feedback
Sound, music, vibration on/off buttons
Loading screen (Only for the ads ^ )
Circa 8 different icons for the app and the store

I reworked every picture about 3 times or more
Player ship
5 enemy ships
Font (Yeah I wanted a special font with color)
Pause, Move and Shootbutton
Backgrounds(Menu, pause, loading, options etc.)
All the menu buttons
Spawn animation
Enemy explosions
Player explosion

I replaced my placeholder sounds with my own sounds

This was the easiest part :D

I learned:
A lot about bugs and how to track and squish them. (there were so many bugs >.<)
Use of surfaces
Create different menus
Save and load data
- Virtual Keys (how to place, resize, setup)
- Ads
- How to publish to the play store
-so much more
- Gameplay (balancing, planing, etc.)
There is so much more I learned from it, but I couldn't get it all together :D

The gameplay is like Space Invaders.
You try to kill every enemy Ship before they hit the ground or kill you 3 times.
The bunkers are for your safety.
The bunkers get pixel perfect destroyed.
Enemies move faster for every enemy killed.
Every x time, a Mystery Ship will spawn. (Worth 300 Points)
Combo Counter: If you hit enemies in a row without a miss, your combo counter will increase.
Every kill after this is worth Combo Counter * enemy points.
So aiming matters if you want to get the maximum Score.
If the enemy wave is destroyed a new wave will spawn a little closer.
Every ten waves the next wave will spawn at the position of the first wave. (can you survive so long?)
Your base combo counter will increase +0.1 for every new wave.

I hope you enjoy my game and if you have any criticism feel free to talk about it.

I want to improve myself :)

The Google Play Store Link:



More screens

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