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Hi everyone. Hopefully I've posted this in the right place. Just here to say hello and maybe ask some questions. First thing to say is that this is my first time posting anything on this forum so please don't be mad if I mess up. Now onto my questions. Where is the best place to ask for help when you're stuck with something?
I'm currently in the process of coding my very first game and could use some help when I get stuck.
Just so you know I'm self-taught when it comes to coding. Please respond if you have something to say.
I'm watching this thread so I will be notified if someone replies. Until then, see ya.


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@LuigiFan92800 Hi and welcome to the GMC! I'm going to close this topic as my colleague Tsuka has already pointed you to the correct place for programming questions, and we don't really permit hello/introduction topics. Nothing personal, but we get SO many new members that the whole forum would quickly fill up with these types of things if it was permitted! Good luck with your projects and have fun!
Not open for further replies.