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GML My enemies are stuck in the ground (SOLVED)

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Vincemon, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. Vincemon

    Vincemon Member

    Sep 8, 2018
    Hello! ;3

    I'm working on a 2D-Platformer and I've created an enemy object. They can be defeated and they could walk from wall to wall. But they don't. When they collide with the ground they turn left and right quickly. And I don't know why.

    This is my code in the Step event:

    vsp = vsp + grv


    if place_meeting(x+hsp,y,oWall)


    while (!place_meeting(x+sign(hsp),y,oWall))


    x = x + sign(hsp);


    hsp = -hsp


    x = x + hsp;


    if place_meeting(x,y+vsp,oWall)


    while (!place_meeting(x,y+sign(vsp),oWall))


    y = y + sign(vsp);


    vsp = 0


    y = y + vsp;

    And in the Create event:

    walksp = 3;

    hsp = walksp;

    vsp = 0;

    grv = 0.4;

    Please help! Why are they stuck and how can I fix this? Please comment if you have any questions. I can send more Information if needed
  2. CloseRange

    CloseRange Member

    Jul 2, 2016
    I put all the code you gave in a fresh project and it worked just fine. This means something else is happening. Give the rest of the code for the enemy.
    There is a fair chance it has to do with the sprite's mask.
  3. spoonsinbunnies

    spoonsinbunnies Member

    Aug 24, 2018
    try changing the place meeting for horizontal to y-1 chances are your enemy is one pixel inside the ground or so so it detects the floor when looking for walls
  4. WillB777

    WillB777 Member

    Jun 25, 2019
    How did you fix this? I am having the same problem. Please help with the enemy stuck in the ground, it's so annoying. nvm i got it.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019

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