Team Request My code for your pixel art... a bartering arrangement?

Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by Noman, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Noman

    Noman Member

    Dec 10, 2016
    Team Request was the best tag available... and I suppose it fits.

    I need a pixel artist for a social science project. Basically (low res, mebbe 64 x 64) one character, a few rooms, a bunch of objects... (clothing, books, etc. etc.)

    I cannot do art, really. Or at all. I also don't really have much money at the moment, and the bane-of-students-everywhere profit-share model doesn't fit here, because it's a very personal project, and splitting profits would break the project.

    I need a GOOD pixel artist... that can work fast and bring this tiny project to life. What I have is time, and code. I will make YOUR game, to your description... on a time-trading arrangement.

    I'm only maybe 8 months into GMS, but I'm steeped in game dev. I've got 12 years of experience coding, I've shipped games everywhere from coin-op Arcade machines in bars to Windows to iOS. Even ported an Amiga title to iOS. :D

    I'm also willing to do writing or game design... I've done those (as a designer, #1 iOS grossing game, for a day! I didn't code the horrible port). I've done narrative design and writing for quite a few, going back to the stone ages, and localization writing for many more.) ** you can ignore this part if you don't need design or writing **

    So yes, it's a #TeamRequest... it's maybe two. You'll be a part of my team and I'll be a part of yours. I understand the going rate for proper pixel artists starts at around $20/hr and goes up past $150/hr. That work is crazy hard, and requires skills that take years to develop. The top rates there are DESERVED... and I'd immediately pay them for some artists I know... I just don't have it. I don't need the BEST of the best... I'm looking for a free-time trade project with an artist who wants to see a game made and can't get it made, or something similar.

    Hesitating to post this...

    hell... share it with any pixel artists you know.



    I should add... I call it a "free-time trade" and I mean just that. Just a few hours a week, maybe... if you're a $100/hr pixel artist, mebbe it's a slow burn side project... Three hours a week for you... I'll give you about 4-to-one on that rate, if you're in that camp.
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  2. Thomas Finholm

    Thomas Finholm Member

    May 20, 2017

    check out my pixel blog. If you see anything promising, let's discuss some collab work!
    (pixel gehennom)
  3. Swiffty

    Swiffty Member

    Jul 17, 2017
    I would he willing to help if you could help me with alil bit of code time for time like you said i do alot of small pixel art so if u are interested let me know and i will send some art your way

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