Team Request My code for your pixel art... a bartering arrangement?


Team Request was the best tag available... and I suppose it fits.

I need a pixel artist for a social science project. Basically (low res, mebbe 64 x 64) one character, a few rooms, a bunch of objects... (clothing, books, etc. etc.)

I cannot do art, really. Or at all. I also don't really have much money at the moment, and the bane-of-students-everywhere profit-share model doesn't fit here, because it's a very personal project, and splitting profits would break the project.

I need a GOOD pixel artist... that can work fast and bring this tiny project to life. What I have is time, and code. I will make YOUR game, to your description... on a time-trading arrangement.

I'm only maybe 8 months into GMS, but I'm steeped in game dev. I've got 12 years of experience coding, I've shipped games everywhere from coin-op Arcade machines in bars to Windows to iOS. Even ported an Amiga title to iOS. :D

I'm also willing to do writing or game design... I've done those (as a designer, #1 iOS grossing game, for a day! I didn't code the horrible port). I've done narrative design and writing for quite a few, going back to the stone ages, and localization writing for many more.) ** you can ignore this part if you don't need design or writing **

So yes, it's a #TeamRequest... it's maybe two. You'll be a part of my team and I'll be a part of yours. I understand the going rate for proper pixel artists starts at around $20/hr and goes up past $150/hr. That work is crazy hard, and requires skills that take years to develop. The top rates there are DESERVED... and I'd immediately pay them for some artists I know... I just don't have it. I don't need the BEST of the best... I'm looking for a free-time trade project with an artist who wants to see a game made and can't get it made, or something similar.

Hesitating to post this...

hell... share it with any pixel artists you know.



I should add... I call it a "free-time trade" and I mean just that. Just a few hours a week, maybe... if you're a $100/hr pixel artist, mebbe it's a slow burn side project... Three hours a week for you... I'll give you about 4-to-one on that rate, if you're in that camp.
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I would he willing to help if you could help me with alil bit of code time for time like you said i do alot of small pixel art so if u are interested let me know and i will send some art your way