Music while programming


Ahhh... @j123 - Good Ol' Maniacs Of Noise - I take it you've listened to their 'Echofied' music collection with 'Resolution' on it? - how the heck does JT get that awesome echo sound ?! - Love their stuff...



I usually put on a Spotify playlist of chilled out songs that I like, some classical, some relaxing Spanish guitar etc. Fast paced music whilst programming or rock music distracts me, but chilled focused music seems to help.

Let's Clone

I find it to be distracting to listen to music with vocals, especially if it's a song I know. So I tend to throw on some chill-step or, more preferably, binaural beats. Bands like Polyphia are also tops.


i have actually a playlist called Coding so yeah i frkin LOVE music. and thats not really good bc i listen too much to music. like every single seconds of the day. even of the night. i would be depressed wihout music for 2 days lol. i listen to all kind of music, but in my coding playlist theres more hip hop rap musics. i said too much time music wiuehfkejf,hs
Does anybody else here listen to music while they program? I'm interested in finding out how you feel it affects your productivity or if you feel it is an addiction. Somedays, I feel I would be more productive without music, but can't bring myself to get to work without music. I feel it just helps "push" my mind along if that makes any sense. My habit is to pretty much pick one song and put it on repeat and then pretty much just forget it's even playing.
I'm not interested in what kind of music you listen to specifically, but if it is relevant please leave the genre i.e. classical and any weird habits like if you listen on repeat or something else.
While coding, I constantly testing my game, and sometimes my game has sounds and music, so playing music while coding is pretty confusing to me, I do listen to music while digital painting and make the graphics though.


Yes! I love listening to obscure albums from past decades and music from other languages. I CANNOT, however, listen to music with English vocals (my native language) while coding because it's too distracting.





This one! 👌
And I got a nice mixed playlist. It contains some of my favorite film score music, music from Star Trek, Blade Runner, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, T2, Jurassic Park, Rocky, Conan, Moon, The Fountain...mixed with some chiptunes, some 80s, synthwave and a couple of tracks from FEZ soundtrack. And Final Fantasy and of course Dragon Roost Island 🙂


I find music helps me greatly, as long as i don't get distracted by songs with english words, which is usually hit or miss. Mostly i throw on some video game OSTs, metal like Meshuggah, or some J-pop like Tatsuro Yamashita. Every once in a while i enjoy throwing on a podcast or developer interview ive heard before, but if its something new to me i just can't pay attention to 2 things at once and end up sucked into the interview. I find motivation pours into me when i listen to John Romero or Edmund Mcmillen talk about their journey in the game dev scene, but its gotta be something ive listened to before.
Doing the Jamcraft 5 I mostly listened to podcasts/random letsplays for the background noise. Coding/building my mech I certainly listen to music when I'm not recording a video for my channel.
I tend to believe it becomes a distraction. Whether I'm listening to a single song or an entire playlist, I find myself pausing the music and spending minutes browsing my library or opening up Youtube. That is yet another window of distractions and it puts me in danger of procrastinating, sometimes totally derailing my focus.

But sometimes when I'm mainly test-playing my game, I'll blast several songs to keep things fun.
ALWAYS! Don't think I ever code without some tunes in the background ;) Though to be completely fair, I barely notice the music playing, I just need some noise, y'know?

I do find music with lyrics a bit distracting though, and going to change songs can eat into my time a bit... (I usually end up leaving a whole soundtrack running without realising however, lol!). Cool to see the other peeps in this thread mostly listen to soundtrack and game stuff though - thanks to you all I've now got some new recommedations to bless my earholes with. 😇 (Also if I put Guile's Theme on for 10 hours Neutro, I'd probs stick it through without noticing and would enjoy every second hahaha).


been listening to Travis Scott Astroworld recently after hearing part of it while my son was playing Fortshite the other week. I really like it.

But i normally listen to a large variety of tunes depending on my mood and how much i need to concentrate

Just bought myself a new PC sound system with proper speakers so i can enjoy my tunes more.

Fortnite version

slighly less young friendly version lol

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I usually listen to instrumental themes of video games / series I like while I dev!
Until I make music for the current project, in which case I just listen to whatever I compose.