Portfolio - Audio Music | looking for small project to make music for

I'm not very experienced compared to the professional composers. Been making game music for myself for a little over a year and I wanted to try to make it for someone else. I like trying to make music to match the situation or mood and I also want to get experience helping out with a project. I have not sold any music yet so I am unsure about the market value for my work at my level and experience. I mean if the project is small enough and I'm not asked to do too much then I could be willing to work for the experience and credit mentions.
one of my favorite pieces
a clip I felt inspired to write and put music into
this is all the songs on one of my albums.

I have more music and other pieces that work well in a dungeon but I don't have them uploaded on my youtube yet. I'll post them as I get them up. I also made all the sprites and animation for those videos in game maker.
you can contact me at popipexpress@gmail.com