Music creator program?

Hi! I am looking for a good program for creating music *NOT sound effects, and I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with this. I want to create songs with the same variety as undertale (what I mean is not just the 8 bit sound, other instruments too). And I want something simple, yet flexible. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!


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This may contain some suggestions.

Personally, I use FL Studio.


Personally, I use FL Studio.
Fl Studio is great, and it's worth mentioning that you can try it with all (at least most of? not sure) its features in the demo, which even allows you to export your projects. You can also save your projects in case you decide to purchase the program, you just can't load them in the demo.

As for specific instruments, since you mentioned Undertale, Chipsynth SFC by Plogue is absolutely fantastic for emulating the sound of the SNES. There are free alternatives to it, but that particular one is highly recommended.
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FL Studio pretty much. I don't use it with a music keyboard but it works fine either way. It supports every VST out there.


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LMMS is free and works similar to FL does have some quirks though, like not being able to change time signatures(the right way).

Reaper is an alternative, which is also paid software but the trial is fully functional and it isn't nearly as expensive as alternatives.


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I know the question has been answered satisfactorily, but I wanted to add that I use Propellerheads Reason 10, at least when don't need to make native .mod or .xm music files. It's paid, but very powerful. It supports VST instruments, like Chipsynth SFC by Plogue, which emulates the SNES sound chip, (and can even rip instruments from SNES games), Chipsynth MD by Plogue, which emulates the Sega Megadrive chip, and Refills like Chip64 by Ochen K. which emulates a C64 SID chip, an NES Ta0X chip, a Vic-1 chip from the Vic20, and the TIA chip from the Atari 2600. I love Reason for it's ease of use, and large variety of built in synths and samplers. I can quickly get a tune out of my head and into Reason. If you want to make chip tunes, but also might want to write a movie score, check out Reason!


I also advocate Logic Pro. Apple lets you use it for 90 days for free, but Garageband is it's baby brother should Logic be too costly.

I believe Logic and Garageband are the most intuitive and amateur-friendly DAWs available. If you're more creative-minded than technical-minded, and you want to compose music by feel and instinct, there's no better place to start. You do need macOS though (and a VM won't cut it).