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Windows Multiple Root Views Error is Seriously a Killer Issue.

I've had this happen several times and I have just had it with Game Maker Studio.
I cannot believe my files just keep getting corrupted over and over again.
This is probably the 6th time. And this time even my back up copy wont load.
So it looks like I have to import everything from scratch into a new project folder.

The error reads this:

Why hasn't this issue been fixed? This is a huge A Class error that shouldn't be happening.
And it has only happened recently, within the last 3 updates of Game Maker Studio.
I noticed it is more likely to happen if I create or move folders within the 'Resources' Tab. It also happens if I open another project before closing Game Maker Studio 2.

If anyone finds a way to fix this, it would be much appreciated. In the meantime, I'll be rebuilding my entire project. -___-

So I downloaded an older version of GMS2 and then replaced the view files with the view files from a stable build I created previously and it worked perfectly.
I had to recreate some group folders but the content was there.
(Thankfully after recreating those folders, the game didn't corrupt itself. Feels like I'm walking over a minefield when creating new groups.)
But now I also get these messages before I run the game? Should I be worried about these even though the game runs fine?