Multiple GUI arrangements


Good day,

I'm wondering if you'd feel annoyed with having a variety of GUI arrangements for the same things.

As an example say you have an inventory GUI setup when you press "I" or select an inventory hot-button.
And it appears in some form, which you accept and looks good.

Then you talk to a merchant and now your inventory appears on the side of the screen next to the merchants loot.

So now the GUI changes for the same thing BUT under different circumstances.

Would that bother you, it is cooler ?

I was thinking when you consider a skill trees GUI compared to an inventorys GUI then it's not really the same issue.

Thoughts ?


I don't think it would be an issue, so long as things keep organized the same. If I open my gear menu and it's set one way, and when I go to the merchant it's backwards, that would suck.

The look/placement can change, the feel cannot. Just my two cents on the topic.