GMS 2 Multiple Active Cameras.

I need help to set up displaying 2 camera views at the same time. The helpfile says you can do it but the second camera overwrites the first when I tried to do it.

Camera A I need to be full screen. Camera B as an overlay with adjustable size. Both toggle-able to be displaying at the same time. Like a mini-map in the corner of the screen. I've tried it a couple of different ways but I can't figure this one out.


I think you need to draw the view from the second camera to a new surface, and then draw that surface to an area on the screen.


Just a quick update on the multi-camera question...

I'm starting out on the creation of a custom level editor in GM1.4, which lets me mix and match 3D objects for a level. This requires the screen to be split into 4 equally sized views (like 3DS Max,etc) I've managed this without needing any surface related code.

I've simply create a room, with 4 views (0-3). For each view, I've created a corresponding camera object. Each one has a custom draw event. So, for camera0 it checks if the current view is 0 and kicks in:

if view_current==0 { d3d_set_projection, etc... }