Multiplayer Player Specific Objects/Layers with Networking Server Client issues....


Hello..... i am making a multiplayer board game or sorts.

What is done/working:
-server/client buffers passed back/forth between each player (movement, sprites, etc)

What I can't figure out and trying to do:
-Player "A" and "B" are standing next to each other, both next to a room, with a roof (Tile Layer "Roof")
-How do i get "Player A" to go into a room , so that "Roof" is no longer visible to them, but still visible on "Player B" side, and vice versa

What i have tried:
-using an object ("Enter Room") as a switch, both 1) manually placed in game room and 2) placed on "Server" at creation
var lay_id = layer_get_id("Roof");
if layer_get_visible(lay_id)
layer_set_visible(lay_id, false)

if (other.visible = true) {
other.visible = false;
**this works... BUT only on the Player that created the room. IE: any player can collide with the "Enter Room" object, and only the room will go away on Player "A"

ALSO the revers is the same, for making the "Roof" appear when leaving the room....

any help/ideas would be VERY appreciated