Legacy GM Multiplayer from singleplayer game



Hello guys i'm new!
So i'm finishing a card game in gm:s 1.4 for 2 players but its only local. And i want to make multiplayer out of this (i don't know much about it). So when i setup simple TCP/IP serwer (copy paste no idea what i expected) It shows that computers are connected but it works as 2 different games.

Is there any command or something that check what player done and send information to the other pc? Or i should study multiplayer stuff in gm:s 1.4 for some time and write game again from zero. I don't know how much code i need to add or replace so what do you think about this guys?


Just having a connection won't magically synchronize anything. You need to implement that process yourself, and it is never a copy-and-paste or drop-in-and-go job. And if you didn't design your game to be multiplayer from the day it was born, it's often a rewrite.

First you need to understand the relationship between correspondence chess and multiplayer games:
One thing that I now demand of all networking novices is an understanding of procedures in correspondence chess, even if they don't all play chess. That's the closest physical analogue of how actual multiplayer games work, and it stops dead most rookie myths about multiplayer games.
  • The connection is not a shared board between the players on a table, it's just the mailman in a correspondence game.
  • Nothing happens on your board until you act upon mail sent out by your opponent.
  • Nothing happens on your opponent's board until you send him/her mail stating what your move is.
  • For the same reason you can't use chess notation in backgammon, bridge or StarCraft, you have to tailor the form and notation to the game.
Then you read up on how to send and receive messages from a tutorial like this. Then design the format of the messages and rework your objects so that they can take and submit input in the form of network messages when needed.


Thank you for your prompt reply. I guess i'll finish game and try to learn some networking. In my case thats not just few new commands but general "how that possibly can work" things. So ty again. Thread can be closed.