multi touch for phones GMS2 DND help!!


med khounti

hello GMS devs,

i want to know how to add multi touch for phone screens because i have multi buttons may be used at
the same time i'm using drag and drop

as u see in the picture bellow i don't know what to do !


Gesture events should detect multiple touches by default. From the manual: "Events in the Gesture Event category will be triggered whenever GameMaker Studio 2 detects a "gesture" of the mouse or a touch screen event (while these gesture events are designed specifically for mobile use, they can also be used on other targets to detect the mouse, although they will not detect multiple touches in this case)." Certainly the events that require multiple touches (e.g. pinch) do.

So as long as you're using those it is fine. Otherwise, if you're going to code your own multi touch you should probably switch to code.