Multi-target extension function names


I am currently working on an extension that targets both Windows and HTML5 targets. In the first case, I have a c++ DLL, in the 2nd case, a javascript file. I want to call the same function in both cases. GM prevents me from using the same function name in the js extension as I did in the c++ extension.

What is the correct approach (or maybe one of the correct approaches) for accomplishing this task? With the limited information I have at hand right now, my first thought is this sort of work-around:
  • name the same function differently in each extension file
    • win_do_something
    • js_do_something
  • create an GML script, "do_something" to act as an adaptor
    • detect platform in this script and decide to call either "win_do_something" or "js_do_something"
Is there a better way?


So it seems the manual covers this. The proper way is to use Proxy files. I guess it pays to read (or re-read) the manual sometimes :)


I totally forgot you can have multiple configurations in one project. Checking the OS and slight change in variable name was the first solution that came to me while reading.


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If you add functions externally, you can have overlapping function names just fine - so long as each extension file has it's own target platforms.