MrPaint (Image Editor)


MrPaint (Mister Paint) is designed to be mspaint's superior husband.

The style is ripped from mspaint mixed with the controls and features of the GMS 1.4 image editor. If you still use mspaint or miss the GMS 1.4 image editor, it's worth a try.

Known bugs:
If you copy an absolute black and white image (1 bit) and paste it, the results will be weird noise:

This is easily fixed by adding a singular colored pixel before copying.

Multiple frames for animation are also kinda buggy.

DOWNLOAD: (Alpha V0.3 Updated June 2020)

Special thanks to @Samuel Venable for writing the image copy extension. Please report bugs and post any feature requests!
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Gave it a try, it works really well!

I did encounter 2 small bugs/issues when using the Select Tool, heres the video demonstration:

Also, at the start i didnt realize that the white canvas at the start of a project could be deleted which would allow for a sort of "transparent layer" (Downside is if you remove all the White from the start of a project, you get a grey that matches the grey outside of canvas)
what are your thoughts about starting a canvas with something like this?



@Bladestorm Games Thanks for the feedback. The checkered background is a good idea. The selection bugs have been fixed and there is now an alpha background setting in the "View" tab:

Thanks for taking the time to make that video! The DOWNLOAD in the main post has been updated with these changes.

@Toque Thanks :)