Android Mr. Handyman

My recently released game on Android platform. It's based on an old school console game from mid 1980s. In this version, you get to choose to play as an electrician or as a plumber. As with the original version, your task is to layout cables or pipes in a building while dealing with various interference. The difficulties will vary as you progress through the levels. However it is not intended as replication of the original version.

All sound file used in this app are creative common licenced, and listed in the credit screen as per the requirement. This app is distributed free with advertisements through Google Play Store.


Download Link : DOWNLOAD HERE


I like the concept. Plubmer and pipes with the mice. That works. Controls look a bit sensitive. I think faster play with simple levels to start would be more engaging.
Thanks for the comment. But yes, the gameplay is faster than what I demonstrated in the video, and at initial launch, the player only have to deal with a 2 floor building (layout 3 rows of pipes/cables) and very few rats. It vary from then on.