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 Mouse cursor and some dialogs too small on high dpi



my window 10 desktop resolution is set to 3000 x 2000.
In GMS 2 prefs the option "Enable DPI override" is _disabled_ (see screenshot).

The whole GMS looks fine except two things:
- the text mouse cursor (inside the code editor) is way to tiny (see screenshots for comparison between the default and the text cursor)
- the sprites inside the sprite selector are too tiny (see screenshot) I can't judge if this is caused by the high resolution of my desktop and if the display of such tiny icons is a bug or a feature. I'm aware I can zoom into the sprite selector but doing this every time is anoying



Just necroing this instead of creating a new thread; I can't see your images (broken links), but I too have the tiny mouse cursor issue on a 4K laptop screen. I tried changing the DPI thing but it makes everything else too big - I like the scale of everything else, just the cursors and stuff that become microscopic. Mainly an issue in editors (sprite, code, etc).

Any fix for this? Looks perfect on my 1080p screens.