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Mouse 3D Pos (Raycasting or some algorythm?)

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Edgamer63, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. Edgamer63

    Edgamer63 Member

    Jan 24, 2018
    Hello, i was wondering on how to make a raycast to get the position of the mouse in 3D.... and i have yaw and pitch variables... any idea?
  2. TheSnidr

    TheSnidr Heavy metal viking dentist GMC Elder

    Jun 21, 2016
    This script might help you! It returns the 3D vector of the mouse, as well as the ray's starting position (which, for a perspective projection, is the camera's own position).
    Use this to cast a ray onto whatever you'd like to cast rays onto! :p

    One of the simplest shapes to cast rays at is a flat plane at z = 0. The script returns the ray's starting position (o) and its direction (d), and it can then be parametrized as the following:
    ray = o + d * t; //where t is a parameter
    Now you want to test where the ray's z value equals 0 (ie. where it intersects the plane with z = 0).
    ray.z = 0;
    This becomes:
    o.z + d.z * t = 0;
    Now let's solve for t:
    t = - o.z / d.z;

    And all this in code form:
    var ray = convert_2d_to_3d(view_camera[0], window_mouse_get_x(), window_mouse_get_y());
    var t = - ray[5] / ray[2];
    var xIntersect = ray[3] + ray[0] * t;
    var yIntersect = ray[4] + ray[1] * t;
    var zIntersect = 0;
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2019
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