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 More detailed release notes and a road map.



I would like to see more detailed release notes on what was fixed and why and what will be fixed. Would also love to see a road map for GMS 2. These are normally basic things you see from a beta. Is there a reason for not using a road map and vague release notes? Road maps are a great way to get community feed back and keep track of what's been done and what needs to be done. Good for the developers good for the community good for GMS 2


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I like road maps. I hope YYG continues them.

But I miss the old release notes from Studio 1. I liked the specific list of bug fixes, with reference to the bug report. It gave dedicated users a sense of involvement in the development process.


The release notes will be made to show a list of bugfixes just like 1.4 when the mantis GMS2 database goes public. :)
Can't you just create "GMS2 Public" project in Mantis, and move there tickets that can be shown public (even just from now, excluding existing ones), while keeping internal ones as private, so this can be done in 5 minutes and everyone would be happy ? :)