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Due to the long time between this tread (with the v1 of the demo) and the second thread (with the v2 of the demo) there was made a new forum thread instead of updating this one!.

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Moor is a 3D pixel-styled rogue-like dungeon crawler game. It's kind of inspired by Delver and I guess it can be compared to that. I remember a long time ago I found Delver on Google Play and tought to myself that I really wanna make a game like this, so I did. It can also be mentioned that it's a hobby project so the development has been going slow from time to time.

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It's worth mentioning that Moor has been greenlit by the Steam community and will at some point be avable on Steam, the demo here is made to collect feedback so I can improve the game as it stands plus everything to come!

Moor is a pixel-styled game with low poly models and sprites raised into a a 3D environment rotating to always face the camera. It's primary set in the abandoned dungeons beneath the enormous mountain of Moor, and as far as the back story of the game goes.

In the ancient times when gods were in control, a portal connected to the underworld broke out and wild creatures and monsters started to flee, this caused a huge war lasting a long time, until the portal was sealed by the gods, by forging a large mountain over it, so it would never be avable again. A few thousand years later when men and human-like creatures were starting to appear, dwarfs and goblins were uniting to mine for precious resources in the large mountain, to only after a few generations of hard work finding the very forgotten portal to the underworld. By opening this they once again started what was finished a long time again. The dungeons were abandoned, sealed off, and never visited again.

The main gameplay of the game is basically you'll start of with a set of gear and you'll enter the dungeon, looting everything you find and killing everything you se. You'll get better loot and gear as you progress, but will also find harder enemies. Each level will be randomly generated in a grid form where each floor is generated with a large set of pre-created rooms, so in other words you're likely to find the same room twice, but the dungeon will never be the same.
When you get to the fifth floor you'll find a portal with can take you back to the surface, here you can buy and sell from a verndor, so actually bringing some of the loot you find might be smart.
At the tenth floor you'll have to face a boss battle, if beating the boss you'll find a new teleport also taking you to the surface so you can buy and sell (it could perhaps be better for the player to have the portal before the boss battle, but I don't want the player to be able to stack up with high-tier gear and lots of potions before a boss battle if having enough money, but rather use the loot you've found. Got an opinion on this?).
After finishing the first boss the dungeon will change style and the enemies will get harder, the second level is supposed to be a lava'ish style combined with mineshafts and such. The second, a icy frosted dungeon-like place, and the last one will be set in the underworld.Only the first style, which is more like the typical dungeon style, with jails and such, are avable in the following demo.

You'll also get a small taste of the game story by talking to the NPC's, but it's not much, and it won't be avable very soon either. What I can tell is that you're not some kind of world saving hero, you're a average you happening to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The game offers a large amount of loot and gear, and the list will continue as I continue with the game, of course.

As for now you're able to find;

- Daggers, swords and maces, all three in iron, bronze, gold and steel.

- Smaller items like, simple knife, iron mallet, spiked club and more.

- You can also find smaller and kind of useless (for now atleast) items like stones, sticks, skulls and bones.
You can use these to hit enemies just as you do with other weapons, but they'll deal a low amount of damage.

- You'll also find "Health potion" and "Flask of magic", and of course one of the refill your health and the other
one magic.

- As for now there are two magic scepeters in the game, "scepter of flames" and "scepter of water" with the
flame one doing great damage to most enemies, and the water one doing most damage to upcoming flame
and lava enemies.

- You'll also find a large amount of armor types and shields.

There's also alot of plannet loot which is not yet added, as;

- More daggers, swords and maces in more different types.

-More magic scepters.

- Probably a few more shields and armor types.

- More types of potion. Smaller and bigger potions (minor, large, etc.)

- One time use scrolls performing a high tier magic attack, buff or debuff.

- Books (secondary, replacing shields) to buff magic items.

- rings and neclaces giving buffs.

- Bombs. They will deal great damage and can blow holes into secret rooms and areas (tloz style).

-Lantern (secondary, replace shields) to lighten up the area around you.

- Food. Food will regenerate health over time, and potions will refill instantly (sprites for food is already created
but just not added yet).

Got any ideas?

I'm planning to add alot of high tier gear, perhaps like a armor type that glows, so you dont have to use a lantern etc. Maybe enchanted items of some sort, making your blade items have magic buffs.

I'm also planning to make a neclace (which you might spawn with, not sure yet) that has to be equipted to use magic items, without this you cannot use any magic related gear.

As for now in the demo you'll face a small amout of enemies as you'll only meet the ones you'll face in the first dungeon floors. The demo also ends after the first boss battle.

There might be bugs in the game!, please report!
This is also the very first public demo so I'm hoping for both good and bad feedback so I can improve the game!

- The game does NOT save!

- There might be some sort of level generation bug where some rooms overlap each others, but it should be
rare to see, please report.

- Even tho I mentioned vendor (buying and selling) you cannot do this yet, the vendor system is not really done at all.

- Move with WASD, of course.

- Sneak with Shift (sneak will decrease the enemies spotting range, but it's not yet added).

- Ctrl will go in/out of fullscreen. It's not supposed to be like that later, but it's there, so it's worth mentioning.

- Space, jump.

- Loot around with the mouse, of course.

- Attack: to attack you must hold down LMB, when the weapon you're holding is charged enough you release
LMB to swing your weapon. It's worth mentioning that I might add so if you release your attack to
early you'll do a weaker attack, but for now you only cancel the attack.

- Secondary: Using a secondary item (usually a shield) is done by holding down RMB, by doing this you'll block
the attack happening infront of you, in other words, not blocking every attack around you.

Other stuff to mention:

- You break stuff like crates and jars, open chests, and kill enemies to get loot.

- I'm planning to add so you can go up to a bookshelf and search it to find stuff like books and scrolls. I might
also add other decorative items which you also can search to get other loot in a similar way
(like weapon- and armor stands).

- Since the game is a rogule like game, you'll probably lose alot of loot, and since the game is set in a dungeon,
not offering quite alot of ways to get high tier loot (like long questlines and such) There will probably be a way
to do crafting, where you can craft some things by hand and other if finding crafting stations down in the

- Alot of the "upcoming" stuff is most ides I have in my mind that I'll probably add at some point, but of course there's a few of them I cant really promise/confirm.

- I will probably update the demo and the info in the thread throughout the development, and I'm hoping alot of
good and bad feedback can help around this part!

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pretty cool, but a couple of places I noticed bugs.

I'm not sure what happened, but I found a room with a large table, but it seemed half the model didn't load. Lots of cracks and seems, andthe ceiling was missing. The first tile into the dungeon, the area with the little dip and uplift of stones has seem issues where you can see blue skies through it.

the aspect ratio should be obtained automatically. having the player control FOV and Ratio is really really bad as it makes weird view frustrum artifacts that I cant even describe. Its just a very uncomfortable feeling and look. The ratio doesn't even give a value in ratio form and the fact that its a free form number is just .. Idk. its just a really bad idea. If you absolutely want to keep it, you should lock it to selections of 16:9, 16:10 , 5:4, 4:3. But personally, not really a reason the player needs to touch that and I would can it all together.

That combined with the collisions. Some of the little things and narrow passages are kind of annoying to bump into. Anything short of a 45 degree angle instantly stops all player movement, and that just doesnt work for how close quarters the game is. You should have as much sliding as possible without losing control over the character. That could be tweaked pretty easily I assume.

This could have been thrown off with the collisions and the FOV*Ratio issues, but the range of attacks/picking up seems stunted when looking around on anything other than a perfectly alligned center view. Not really a sense of if something is in range and I found myself on several occasions confused as to why I wasn't able to pick up items on my first each time, or every other enemy, I would miss my first attack adn he would get really close without doing anything. Something like a soft glow around the items or an icon for a hand that apears when they are in range would give a lot more feedback.

A little basic, but loveing it so far.

Also, the game screen tears a lot, had to nock it down to 57fps (I assume it tears because you added delta time?). You should put AA and v-sync options in the options. Its not the greatest, but its something.


I really appreciate the feedback!
First of all I can say that I'm very aware of the room with the large table, and I was going to fix it, but I guess it was one of a few things I managed to forget.. Recently I reconstructed all the rooms used in the level generation, moving the celling down to remove alot of open space caused by the celling being way to high, while doing so I also changed the texture, and it seems like you've found one of the rooms which I've not yet (or perhaps forgot) to fix, as far as I know there should be only two rooms yet to be fixed; the room with the big table in the middle, and one of the starter rooms which you spawn in after going to another level.

Not quite sure were you'd see the skies, was it kinda in the "doors" between the first entrance room (the first room you get to once you enter the dungeon) and the next upcoming room? If so, it might have been one of the rooms yet to be fixed (Ill boot it up and check).

Hmm I wanted the player to have as many options as possible to customize the game for their needs, what I assume you're seing gotta be as the FOV is increased it will kinda "stretch" through the skybox causing you to see the set room color behind it, what I should do with this is probably either extend the lenght of the skybox or set the max FOV to just before you'll start to see throught it.

When it comes to the aspect, you're all right, well, using free form numbers is in pretty much everything as I've done is a bad idea and I'll probably do as you mentioned, setting pre ratios like 16:9, 16:10 etc.

The reason for why you easly get stuck as for what I can think of gotta be becuase all collision masks in the game is really pixelated. Close to all of them are just blocky and shouldn't cause you getting stuck, but on the other hand the players collision mask is a circle, or a ball... and I'd say that's what causing you to get stuck, I'm gonna try out other masks for the player, like a square or something to se of that'll work better. The ultimate would perhaps be if I could use higher scale masks and still scale them down to the same size, but I'm not sure.

When it comes to attacking/picking up, you've got a invisible collision mask infront of you, and for you to attack a enemie or pick up a item it gotta be in contact with that mask, that mask will turn around based on where you're looking, and checking the player's z and height as you perform an action. To block an attack with a shield the enemie also have to be in contact with this mask. What I could do could be to make the mask thigher so you wouldn't actually haver to look excactly straight as something for it to work (the mask it pretty thin, like 2 pixels), and also make it abit longer, you wouldn't have to get all up in a enemies face to hit it. Of course when I'm playtesting my game I'm all used to how far the mask goes, and well, pretty much how everything works, so for me it feels just fine, so that's why this feedback is so important.

A icon of a hand plus "pick up xxx" could be handy, I've thought of it but never really added it. Perhaps I should add some sort of icon as a part of the HUD when your attack is fully charged, and when you're in the range to perform a damage-giving attack (?)

Yeah it's a little basic at the moment and I really need to polish the game alot before any bigger publishments :p

No I have actually not, I was not aware of the "delta_time" and should look more into it. There should be a Vsync function in the game using game maker's display_reset, but I'm not quite fully aware if it's working properly...

Thanks alot for the feedback, gonna look into it now!
Everything is really well done! I played this for a good 20 minutes.
I did have the no roof bug as mentioned above, and I noticed you can hit twice if you swing while walking forward.


If I remember right, when you die in Delver you lose everything and restart. Like from scratch. I remember that being very frustrating.
How's your game regarding to dying? Because honestly, what I would like for a game like this is to at least keep XP, money, and keeping what's already explored. Also have my equipment on the floor when I walk back into the dungeon at my dying spot (maybe disappearing after a certain time though.)


Well You're supposed to lose all your loot, you'll keep all your money tho, and I've been thinking about perhaps having XP and that you can boost certain stats as you play, perhaps you could keep those stats making so if you play more and gain lots of XP it will be easier and easier. How the generation works is that as fast as you've entered a new floor the previous one will be deleted, so you can't really go back, but I was thinking there could be a special NPC outside which you can pay to go down and get your loot. OR, even tho the floors will be totally different the next time you go down (from the previous time you went down) you could find your loot in the same floor you lost it. Let's say you died at floor 5, so if you re-enter you'll find your loot somewhere in floor 5, even tho it's a totaly new looking floor!


Just throwing and idea...
When you enter the floor where you previously died, there's a magic chest that appeared and your loot is there. It could stay there for a certain amount of time before vanishing.
- The player would still have to get back to corresponding floor
- Since the floor would be different anyways (therefore the placement of your loot not making sense anyways), it would remove the tedious searching for it.


Yeah that's pretty much what I was thinking as well, it wouldn't appear as a large pile with loot but rather as a special chest that's easy to notice.