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Due to the long time between this tread (with the v2 of the demo) and the third thread (with the v3 of the demo) there was made a new forum thread instead of updating this one!.

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Moor - thread 3

~ MOOR ~

A rogule-like dungeon crawler


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Hey again!
It's been a long time since the last tread I made for Moor. Last time I wrote alot about the game and upcoming features. I also shared the very first public demo. Now I've finally decided to share the second public demo. You wont be able to play through everything in the game yet, but you'll be able to play from the start and down to defeating the very first boss battle!
The first demo (which was a .exe file) won't run properly on my computer for some reason, so it turned out to be quite hard for me to compare the first demo with this demo, listing ALL the new features, but I'll try to remember them all ^^

First of all I know for a fact that there were no save system in the old demo. A fully functional save system should now be avable without any bugs! It'll save everything from Player stats, dungeon structure, inventory and settings.
The game will save everything within four .INI files in your appdata, and if you die, everything except "settings.ini" will be deleted and you'll have to start over again, as the game indeed are a rogue-like dungeon crawler.

- Dungeon level, rooms and more -
The dungeon style is quite the same as in the last demo, the textures have been reworked to look alot better, as well as most of the rooms which are used to generate each floor has been recreated. Some of the more noticeable rooms like a open church hall / room, a dining room with a fire place, and more of those "puzzle rooms" as they're called in the project file has been reworked to look- and function alot better. The large church room (which you will without doubt find if you try the demo) is not yet done as there's no collision mask for the stairs found in the room. The entire "climbing" level going up to a secret area in the same hight as the bell in the church is not fully complete either.

- Items, loot and gear -
Alot of the item/weapon sprites has been updated! I've also added a description window below the inventory window to display description for each item when you hover your cursor over them in the inventory. You'll be able to read a short description of the item, as well as how much damage it deals and what not.

To be honest I can't remember if the old demo had rings or not, but if they didnt: I've added 8x different rings which you can equipt in two different ring slots in your inventory. The rings will give you various buffs!

The rings are as listed:

* Ring of minor health : will increase your max health at a minor rate.
* Ring of minor magic : will increase your max magic at a minor rate.
* Ring of strength : will increase your overall physical attack at a minor rate.
* Ring of steel : will increase your overall armor at a minor rate.
* Ring of minor endurance regeneration : will increase your stamina regeneration at a minor rate.
* Ring of minor endurance : will increase your max stamina at a minor rate.
* Ring of minor health regeneration : will regenerate health over time at a small rate.
* Ring of minor magic regeneration : will regenerate magic over time at a small rate.

Since most rings have "minor" in their time I have planned to add "greater" rings as well, doing the same, just better.

Togheter with this I've also added more potions! Not all of them are actually potions, but classify as potions in the project.

The potions are as listed (except the potions which existed in the previous demo):

* Flask of water : will recover full stamina, no matter how low it is.
* Flask of ale : will recover a small amount of health over some time.
* Flask of wine : will recover a small amount of health over some time.
* Cup of coffee : will reduce the cost of stamina while attacking for some time.
* Potion of greater healing : will add +50 HP (the smaller one will add +25 HP) (HP = Health Points).
* Potion of greater magic : will add +10 SC(the smaller one will add +5 SC) (SC = Spell Casts).

Both ale and wine seems to do exactly the same, right? well for now they do... the plan is that ale and wine (and perhaps other alcoholic drinks) will give iron skin for some time, basically buffing your armor for a short time).

And it doesn't stop there. I've also added some food!

They goes as listed:

* Uncooked steak : will recover a small amount of health over some time.
* Cooked steak : will recover a good amount of health over some time.
* Cheese : will recover a small amount of health over some time (will remove poison debuff in the future).
* Bread : will recover a small amount of health over some time.
* Healing herb : will recover a great amount of health over quite some time.

Some weapons has been changed as well!
What used to be "iron mace" is now "iron hammer". What used to be "bronze mace" is now "morning star".
What used to be "gold mace" is now "jeweled hammer", and what used to be "steel mace" is now "spiked steelmace". Most of the other weapons as still the same, but have new names. The "iron sword" is now "iron broadsword", "steel dagger" is now "fine dagger" and so on...

When pointing at items on the ground, it'll now say "E: pick up (item name)". The same goes for talking to NPC's, opening doors, chests and more.

! Neclaces / amulets / special items (going in that slot) are not added yet.

- Enemies and bosses -

Most enemies are the same! They now have a healthbar above them to indicate health (of course). I can't remember what enemies were avable in the previous demo, but in this one the avable enemies are:

* Goblin.
* Goblin warrior.
* Skeleton.
* Skeleton warrior.
* Zombie.
* Spider.
* Maggot
* Small maggot.

And that's it!
if you have great ideas for enemies, post in the comments!

It's also worth mention that if enemies attack you, you wil take damage (of course), but.. if you block their attack with a shield you'll lose stamina! The smaller the shield you use, or the heavier the enemie's attack are, the more stamina will be lost. Stamina will regenerate over time though.

- Loot from chests / crates / barrels / enemies -

In the previous demo there were only a short list of preset items that could be dropped from etc. crates and barrels, but now almost every item in the game can be dropped from pretty much everything. Chests have a greater chance at dropping better items than a barrel of course. Enemies on the other hand wont drop anything else than what you'll se them holding, etc: a goblin uses a knife, so he'll drop a knife. They can also drop money. This means that you can be super lucky and break the very first crate you find and get the best weapon avable right from the start! But it's very uncommon.

- Gameplay -

The gameplay goes as usual. For each floor you'll have to locate a door (with blue light around it) which will take you down to the next floor. Continue doing this until you reach the boss floor! You might also find secret rooms and small areas having chests which you might not have seen before! There's also a secret room in the game which requires bombs to break open, but bombs are not added yet, so GL!

Beware of death!
If you die on the game there's no death screen with "you died" or what ever, atleast not yet. If you die he game will delete your save files, then quit the game completly.

Attacking and blocking goes as before. You hold and release LMB to attack, and hold RMB to block with a shield. Same goes for food/potions, just hold LMB to use.

- Settings and options -

The settings menu has been reworked to look alot better! Not all the previous options are still avable, like the aspect ratio is not avable anymore (it's still in the game possible to be added, but not avable atm), same goes for some other stuff. You can also switch between "English" and "Norwegian" langauge, but the Norwegian one are not quite finished and updated as I found out it would be easier to finish the game in english, then add various langauges. As I work with the project I keep this in mind so It'll be easy to add new languages pretty much on the go, almost. If you'd like your langauge in the game, please tell me in the comments.

- HUD / UI -
The HUD has been reworked and looks alot better now! It still functions the same way, but has a much cleaner look.

!!! The store found outside the dungeon are closed and does not sell items (for now).

I think I've covered most of it!

If you find any bugs please tell me! I know there might be a bug or two with the dungeon generation where you'll end up in a blind gate with nowhere to go. If this happends please press "F1" in-game to open debug window and comment below your Seed, Structure and Floor". If you stil want to play you can head into appdata and remove the "level.ini" as the game will then create a new one.

I know there also might be a screen tearing bug in the game which I've yet to look into. I havn't seen much of it myself but I think someone informed about from the previous demo!

- Road map -

The most vital parts in the game are now in place and should have no bugs as far as I know. This goes for combat (might need some polish), inventory system, save system and dungeon generation should now work without problems! With these vital parts in order I can now focus on the more fun part of creating the game! which is just adding more items, enemies, dungeon levels and more. As far as my plan goes there's planned to be four or five dungeon levels with a boss battle at the end of each floor, and with a last boss battle at the fourth or fifth floor. That's what's planned before full release, but I might add more various level (or perhaps less if it works better).

If you try the demo you'll se that the dungeon floors are generated in a maze-like structure, not all dungeon levels will play out as this. The first one will, the second one wont be as randomly generated as the first one but have a pre-created style. Then the third will have a randomly generated style again, and so fourth.

- Feedback -

If you still find Moor interesting, give the demo a try, and give me your feedback. All feedback, good or bad, are just as important and I'd love to read what you think of it so far. You might agree with me that the developent has been going quite slot, but it's not easy to create a game all alone!​
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I found a bug
I jumped down in one of those giant pits. It made me fall out of the game world. After a bit of falling, I was teleported to the top. A way for me to return inside the dungeon was to go in the middle of the path.

You can save a bit of optimisation by not drawing the outside of the cubes. Just draw them inverted.
It ran smooth with all of those faces. Are you using YYC or just a massive, single custom model?


I found a bug
I jumped down in one of those giant pits. It made me fall out of the game world. After a bit of falling, I was teleported to the top. A way for me to return inside the dungeon was to go in the middle of the path.

You can save a bit of optimisation by not drawing the outside of the cubes. Just draw them inverted.
It ran smooth with all of those faces. Are you using YYC or just a massive, single custom model?
Thanks for posting! didnt actually think about that! If you fall down (outside the map) you get teleported back up in the air! Ill fix this so you die instead :)
Ill also try the culling!


You should also probably add some warning/death signs to help indicate that it's a trap. It wouldnt be nice to lose all your stuff from curiosity.


it loks great and i wuld love to play it, but the characters and enemy pixelation puts me off. everything has this medieval atmosphere and then you see the characters... like for me theyr very out of place. and a mood killer. graphics are great otherwise.


that could be a great idea. When you get to the hole where you fell down, you're supposed to climp on the scaffolds mounted on the wall. Perhaps I could remove the endless hole going down with a very visible floor filled with spikes (?) to indicate that you're not supposed to jump all the way down.


@blacklemon character and enemie pixealation. Do you mean that they are too pixelated? I know that all of the items are not as pixelated as the characters and the textures. You think it could be better if some of them didnt have outlines? I don't quite see how they break with the medieval look though :/

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well i mean they dont fit in, fade with the rest of the world. look at the crypt image, everything is in place and you dont need to find clues that your in a crypt, then look at the image with the camp, its like youve put cartoon figures in the real world.
theyr like not detailed enough and or dont fit the aesthetic or somthing. theyr not realistic enough to fit with the other einvourment is what i think, the rest looks realistic and with good detail.
i think if you use the amount of pixels like for the rest of the world and give them a more realistic look they will fit right in.

i dont want to bash but i dont want to lie either.


that could be a great idea. When you get to the hole where you fell down, you're supposed to climp on the scaffolds mounted on the wall. Perhaps I could remove the endless hole going down with a very visible floor filled with spikes (?) to indicate that you're not supposed to jump all the way down.
Even better!


I love the game. Only grip is the "die and game shuts down" though. I hope you don't plan on this being final.
The game runs great though. What do you plan to do in order to distinguish it from Delver?


No of course not ^^ I'm going to have a death screen. Maybe display some stats, and have you respawn at the start / get back to a menu.
Well I'm not sure. Delver was the very game that inspired me when it was in a very early stage (bought it on google play a few years ago). Moor and Delver will be alike in many ways, but some major differences might be that my game will have boss fights for each stage of the dungeon. I'm also planning to put alot more story into the game than what you experience in Delver so far. I've also been considering that you'll have to get a key to open each door that goes to the next floor, so the goal for each floor wont just be to find the door right away. I've also been aiming for a much darker ambience than what you se in Delver. But Delver will always be a inspiration!


I've tried culling and it might not work as there are flat images in the game like banners, vines and what not, that needs to be seen from both sites. I could add culling to some of the models like jars, crates, barrels and stuff like that to optimize it a little bit more, but the game should run pretty smooth either way.

(forgot to answer).
I use Model Creator to create each room as a single model. There are parts in each room that can be blocked off / removed randomally to make the rooms appear more variated as well.


i think they shuld look realistic like in mount&blade, like i sayd the whole scene is realistic only the characters are like theyve spend theyr whole life in a box and some1 threw them out there.
make them with a more realistic forms, as an indicator use your game. when they dont feel out of place then thats the indicator.

and yes without outlines. afterall nothing else in the game has them so,


I really want to change to style for the NPC's and enemies if they don't seem to fit in, but honstely I don't see it :/ perhaps they've been in the game with the current style for so long that they feel natural to me. Could you maybe draw a easy example of what you have in mind and post it? :)


This is something I've always wanted to make. I don't like the fighting system and the style of NPC's, but damn, the mood is incredible.


aka fel666
This isnt 1/2 bad! The art style works much better in game then in the screenshots. so thats great.
Perhps interaction should always be bound to E rather than both F and E?
the game crashed when i got killed.
Also, I suspect you are not setting up your projection correctly: are you using a fixed (0,0,1) for the up vector?

Outside from that, Not much to say asside that it is fun, and there is some fun strategies to be had by charging the weapon whilst blocking, etc.
Great job! keep it up!


Well thats nice to hear! Yeah fair point, the reason I use both is because I wanted to have Interaction on F and pick up on E, as well as drop prim on Q and drop sec on G. The game didn't actually trash when you died, but as for now, when you die the game will delete your save files, then just quit the game. I havn't made a death screen yet. What do you mean with the projection, how is it not corrently? :eek:
It's nice to hear that you found good strategies, there are indeed various combat strategies to use which will make you deal more or less damage :)


aka fel666
What do you mean with the projection, how is it not corrently?
There seems to be some distortion as you look down or up. I think it is because you are not adjusting your up vector corretly. If you are using a constand (0,0,1), it will work, but isnt correct.


When you look down, the edges get distorted ever so slightly.
Its not a big deal at all though.
I tried to look for it, and I couldn't find anything. Could it be because of the FOV? or are to talking about the primary and secondary item not moving accordingly to the camera view?


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This looks... amazing! Can't wait to try it when I get home!
There seems to be some distortion as you look down or up. I think it is because you are not adjusting your up vector corretly. If you are using a constand (0,0,1), it will work, but isnt correct.
The up-vector is automatically orthogonalized to the to-vector, so unless you're looking directly down or directly up, this won't be an issue at all.


aka fel666
The up-vector is automatically orthogonalized to the to-vector, so unless you're looking directly down or directly up, this won't be an issue at all.
Thats news to me! Very good to know!
I guess the distortion is probably just me playing the game too late at night.

And yes, not only does it look good, the game is pretty fun too!


Guess what! I just found out that the dungeon doesn't save corretly! I had to download the current demo and se if the same problem was there, or if I had just f**ked it all up, and it turns out the problem is there in the demo as well! if you notice this while playing, it has been fixed in the ongoing project!


Hey this looks cool! I'm getting some Ultima Underworld flashbacks. I'm always impressed by 3D stuff in Gamemaker and this seems to work quite well.

Only feedback I'd offer for now is an 'Invert Mouse Y' option would be nice. If there is an option I couldn't find it. I'm one of those weird people who almost needs to be able to reverse the Y axis in an FPS in order to really get comfortable with the game.


Hey great work! How do you use items/replenish health??? I want to progress further... I couldn't get past second level, it was grueling.. died with unused steaks and health herbs.. but anyways..

Very impressive! great 'mood' for sure and really nice old school vibes with the sprite format- its a really nice aesthetic and a good solution for simplifying resources, I'd imagine.. I think Blacklemon was saying that the characters don't mesh so well with the environments which is pretty valid. thb i think that reworked sample without the outline did look better than original.. however, even better to help steer the style in a consistent direction, i'd suggest using the sprite effect for rendering some of the background objects. for example could the candles you see scattered around, also the clay jars- could those be reworked just as sprites? i guess non-cylindrical inanimate objects can get funky with that effect (ie statues), but maybe some vases, pillars, etc..

Lets see, performance-wise, it runs pretty smooth. I'm on a good machine (though demo v. 1 was shuper slow for me!) I think the only real glitchy thing I noticed was- I saw a skelli monster standing through the beam of light model and it made him invisible.. like a sliver of him was invisible?
..The side stairs in the chapel area did not work, I walked through them, are you supposed to be able to climb up to that statue or whatever?

Other general critiques.. I think the walls stop the player a little more than they have to- for instance, if player pushes against a wall, it stops them completely until they turn past about 45 degree angle to the wall. I think generally in fps games you want this scenario to have the player not frozen, but cause them to strafe to the side.. so, for instance, doorways would be easier to slide through if you caught just a little of the corner while walking, you'd slide through rather than trip up more than needed..

right on keep it up my dude


I'll add the option to invert mouse :)

To consume items you have to hold them in your main hand, and hold LMB, as long as you hold it'll do a eat/drink animation until it's consumed (2-3 sec). I have been thinking about making so you cannot hold consumable items in your hand, but rather right-click them in your inventory and press "use" to consume.

Thanks for the feedback^^ The jars, crates and barrels have always been 3D models, but the candles used to be flat sprites (not rotating towards the player). There is possible to change the jars, crates, barrels, chests and so on into flat sprites rotating towards the player, however the candles would be abit more tricky as then are not placed / spawned into the floor, but pre-placed into the model of the room. It's nice that you mention this, as I could make a option in the settings menu to choose if you'd like certain objects in the game to be either 2D or 3D, so the player can choose what's he/she/it prefers :) This also goes for the stone cones hanging in the celling (decoration) together with the dirt piles with mushrooms and such found around the dungeon.

I've always been aiming to make the game run as smooth as possible. There is of course more I can do as well. I think also the pixealted and lowpoly style of the game helps alot with the performance as I'd guess if this was a game with high res textures and highpoly models it might run abit slower. It's just a guess though. I have no idea why the v1 demo runs so slow now. I tried it several times after uploading it, and it worked pretty fine back then. But it doesn't really matter, does it.

The reason why the skeleton turns invisible behind the god rays in that tomb room is probably because the skeleton has a higher depth than the room (light), this can be fixed within seconds ^^ a small mistake. There should also be a room where a skeleton spawns halfway stuck in a wall, and if you hit him he'll pop out due to the knockback, and maybe pop into the player, making the player stuck until the skeleton is killed! All these bugs will have to be fixed on the go as they get fixed of course.

The stairs in the chapel does not work because the collision mask has not been created yet :3 and yes, there's possible to climb above the statue, and all the way onto a hidden floor over the chapel! There will be alot of these "secret" areas in the game, also some inspired by the hidden walls (which you can hit / press to open) from Dark Souls.

Yeah.. the collision is abit... bad. I'll have to really look into that to make a smoother collision making you slide better.

Overall thanks for the feedback! it always helps alot :)


oh damn, knowing how to eat, and lucking out on a mace (or morning star?), i got in deeper- maybe 5th level? (i think that title skipped too quick maybe i pressed something..) 4 or 5.. spoiler alert there was like a i wanna say, mini boss pair? and uh, took care of one of them.. the other killed me, lol. u know, with the fire..

so i'm convinced its a pretty rad game. it seemed a little repetitive and maze like at first but thats kinda the point, and once you get the hang I guess its fairly easy enough to navigate and push through. Some kind of map or at least compass as items might be nice tho lol.
a couple other random comments this time thru-
-maybe its my settings, (i think related to my monitor being relatively tall) but the hud shows the sword and shield actually on the black bar on the bottom (outside of the visual area) but the area you have to click is above it (inside the visual area)
-also, when you hover over your sword and shield, it should show stats, similar to when you hover over items in inventory.
-the backside of just one doorway was invisible showing the skybox thru the floor beneath... said doorway was adjacent to a room with 2 tables and a spike trap. in fact, adjacent to the spike trap.
that's all for now. I'll probably have another go or 2 and keep an eye out for updates.
Good job and keep it up!


Played the game quite a bit. I really enjoy it.

There are a few things that come across as non-intuitive. I.E. I couldn't figure out how to eat for like 5-6 minutes. Perhaps have your weapon slot in the inventory screen (So you can easily swap weapons and potions). I would also tweak the inventory, so if I have an item selected and I click another inventory space that is occupied, it will replace the item.

I also feel as though the code where you calculate your cameras look direction is... less than ideal. It leads to this squashing effect along the up-axis, such that it makes my yaw feel much stronger than my pitch. Maybe something closer to:
tox = cos(yaw) * cos(pitch)
toy = sin(yaw) * cos(pitch)
toz = sin(pitch);
Though that's entirely up to you!

Good game so far :)