Steam Moor - First Person dungeon crawler



A first person roguelite dungeon crawler
Released on Steam 20th of december 2019


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Since Moor's release in december 2019 it has had several patches which has improved the game alot!
Moor is currently in version, but a new patch is right around the corner, which will take it from to 1.2 due to it's long list of fixes, improvements and additions.


Hey again!
This is the fourth and last (I promise) forum tread for Moor.
Game's been in development for many years and I can finally say, that it will be released now in december.

Moor is a first person rougelite dungeon crawler in which you have to delve deep into a massive mountain to discover an ancient kingdom which holds a valuable treasure. Can you find it, and can you manage to bring it back out from the mountain? Find loot and treasures, solve puzzles, fight monsters and defeat bosses as you find your way through the kingdom of Moor.

Moor is a game full of random locations, evens, and secrets that you might find along the way, which I hope will give the game enough replayability.
The game is not perfect and have some bugs that I know, and probably some that I dont know as well. I hope that I can fix and polish the game with feedback from players over time! :)
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Thanks for the replies :D glad people like it! It's doing good so far, and I've got alot of feedback and suggestions so far.