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A rogule-like dungeon crawler




The first tread

The second tread

Download demo 3.1

Current demo version:

"Moor demo 3.1"
The demo was updated to this version: 21. march 2019

With this version comes:

Dying has been enabled [✓]

Enemies will now spawn in the third area [✓]

Shaders in the game should now work. I think they require DirectX [✓]

Added three new enemies appearing in the second and third area [✓]


Upcoming in demo version 3.2:

Fixed a game-breaking bug in which level generation would in some rare occasions not generate certain rooms need in the level, creating empty voids in the level making it impossible to progress [✓]

Fixed a game-breaking bug in which level generation would in some rare occasions block off ways that were not supposed to be blocked off, making it impossible to progress [✓]

Improved particle effects coming from flames [✓]

Improved debris / paricles coming from crates / barrels / jars / vases etc [✓]

Make it possible to skip the prologue [✓]

All enemies drop random loot, but now they have a chance at dropping the item they're holding along with it [✓]

A large rare chest which were supposed to drop a part used to make a masterkey has been changed to now drop a random rare item instead [✓]

Adding more magic items to the game! [✓]
To cast magic you will need a wand as well as any type of magic book in your hands. Holding a wand and a fire book etc, will cast a fire spell. Scepters / staves can cast specific spells without any book. Etc; "Scepter of Flames" will cast a fire spell without the need of a book.

Added a new enemie type / group [✓]

Fixed a bug which wouldn't let certain instances despawn when needed, which ended up disrupting the level generation [✓]

Level system [✓]
Killing enemies and bosses will give you xp. When you get 50 xp you get 1 skill point.
Skill points can be spent to increase various skills.
If you die, all skills will reset, but skill points that have not been used will not be lost.

Enemie overhaul [✓]
All enemies has been overhauled. I've done a good chunk of cleanup in the enemie scripts. They're easier to work with now, and it's easier to add new enemies.
- Increases overall performance.
- Fix various sound bugs related to the enemies.
- Added inpact effects to visualise better when the enemie is being hit.
- Removed enemie health bar.

Charge throw [✓]
You can now hold Q / G to charge how far you wanna throw your current held primary / secondary item.

Throw and break items []
If you hold Q / G until you get a fully charged throw, it will count as a toss instead of a drop.
Certain items might do damage / stun to enemies, and some items might break, like bottles etc.

Enemie idle walking [✓]
Enemies will now walk around in an 'idle' state when not alerted.

New particles and sfx for bosses [✓]

Improved ladder climbing [✓]
Before when climbing a ladder you'd hold 'W' to climb up, and if you let the button go you'd fall down.
Now, if you hold 'W' and looking up you will climb up, and holding down will climb down.
Releasing 'W' while on the ladder will not make you drop down anymore.

Added possibility to go back up to the previous floor [wip]
A sudden change in the game overwall. The game was supposed to end at the last level. However I've decided to
change it so you gotta get back up to the surface again as well.
This is wip, but soon done.
When going down to a new floor the prevous floor is deleted sa a new one is generated, so when going back up to the previous floor, that floor will be regenerated. Anything you did in the previous floor, like break crates, kill enemies, drop items etc. will not be saved and will be lost when going to a new floor.
(will add more to the list).

Features planned, either before or after Steam release

1 - Trading:
For now you can buy items from a merchant using gold, however I've planned to add trading.
A trader might want to give you a jewel sword, but want 4 iron swords in return etc.

2 - Random paintings:
There's lots of paintings hanging around in the kingdom of Moor. All of them are just white / blank, but I've planned to
make them choose between lots of random paintings, so all paintings hanging around will be random each time.

3 - NG+
Increased difficulty when trying again if you finish the game.
If you finish you get to keep all your progress and try the game yet again at a higher difficulty. However if you die everything will reset as usual.

Hey again!
It's yet again been a long time since the previous tread. I'm sorry. I've decided to share another demo. There is alot of new content, and alot of new bugs.

In the previous demo you could play all the way down to beating the first boss fight. In this demo you can get all the way down to before fighting the third boss battle. This demo will end in a room called "The kings tower". In this tower you're supposed to go through a puzzle and then fight a big boss fight I know both of these will take quite some time to make, and I've been eager to share something more of Moor, so I've decied to share a demo ending before the boss instead of after.
As in the previous tread it will be hard to list all the new features from the previous demo, but I'll try. I might be missing something.

Moor is a 3D first person dungeon crawler with pixel style graphics inspired by Delver.
In Moor you are going to enter a mountain to find the long lost kingdom of moor. Delve down as you kill monsters, find loot and treasures, solve puzzles and defeat bosses. For each floor you will have to locate a chest holding a golden key, which will unlock the next level.

If you die you're dead. You will have to start over again, but you will keep all the money you've found, which you now can spend in the merchant's tent.

If you wanna learn more about the story, check out

The level generation has improved alot and should save just fine now.
Each floor generated in a 'grid form' with each square being a room. All the rooms are random, but three of them are predetermined as 'starter room', 'puzzle room' and 'end room' in which the first one is where you start in each level, the end room is where you enter the next level, and the puzzle room were where you were supposed to find a golden key to open the door to the next level. However that has changed abit now. Even though the level is randomally generated, there's only so many different puzzle rooms to solve, so over time you'd probably solve the same puzzles over and over again. So I decided to move where you find the golden key to pretty much anywhere in the level. At any point where it can spawn a chest, the chest for the golden key can also spawn. It can still spawn in that puzzle room, but it can also spawn in some hidden corner somewhere :)
The golden key was not in the previous demo and has been added to fill more gameplay into each level, as in some cases you could just rush through the levels.

There is also a new large chest added. a large golden chest. As of now this chest will give you a 'key fragment' which does nothing. The idea was that you could combine a key fragment with a pendant to create a master key in which you would not lose upon dying, making it easier to get down to where you died. The idea was the increase replayability. Each pendant would be dropped by the boss for that current area.
The chest with the key fragment is also ment to be hard to find, often having to solve a harder puzzle to find.
The new plan for these chests is to drop a random rare item. Like a magic scepter, a good sword/shield, a ring or a armor piece or something like that.

Keylocks has been added. The door leading to the next level have a golden keylock which require the golden key ofc. But there is also a new silver keylock which requires a 'key' This keylock is used to lock certain rooms that hold better loot, but require a key to enter. If you find a silver keylock hanging on a door, then you are not required to enter that door to progress in the game.

It is possible to 'break' the game. If you have the golden key and you for some reason decide to toss it down a hole or something, you cannot progress in the game, and will have to start over.

Bugs with dungeon generation:

If you for some reason cannot find the golden key you can press 'F1' or 'O' to open a debug menu. In the bottom you will find 'gold key: 0/1' If it's set to '1' the golden key is in the level and possible to find. And if not you should be given the golden key in your last inventory slot.

The inventory is pretty much the same, with a few improvements.
There is also more items added to the game. Everything from new swords to new potions.

I'm also working on classes in the game. There are certain items you will spawn with when chosing a class, but they are not class locked, but will be harder to find if you dont chose that class.
An example of this is the quiver, which holds 25 arrows. If you dont have the quiver equipted you will have to use one inventory slot for each arrow you carry. So the upside you will have if you chose to be a archer is to start with the quiver.
The quiver, as well as three different bows are available in the game, but the 'bow and arrow' systems is still work in progress. A known bug with this is that you can shoot unlimited amounts of arrows if you have a random item in your inventory (it's supposed to check if you have arrows),
and I'm having a hard time fixing it atm.

This will also apply to other classes as well. A mage will spawn with full magic bar, as well as a few magic items, and a non-mage will spawn with a empty magic bar and will have to find magic items, which are rare.

more classes are planned. Classes are NOT in this demo.

Saving should now work without problems. It saves in .INI files in the local folder in %appdata%
under moor_studioversion.
There are five different files:


Feel free to play around with them and se what happends ;) no cheating though!

The store at the beginning is somewhat done. You can sell and purchase items. I'm planning to add so you can warp back up to the surface before or after each boss fight to purchase new items.

If you find a bug. Press 'F1' / 'O' to open a debug menu. You will find 'Floor: x'
Now go to %appdata% > local > moor_studioversion > dungeon : then find the one saying 'floor=x' (the floor number you found in the debug). The number there is the 'seed' of that floor and then I can debug that spesific level generation you found the bug in :)

New animations.
Some items slash and some items stab :)
I've also added a eat animation and a drink animation.
with this comes a new stabbing items, like spears.

I know for sure I didnt cover everything. There's probably more features and more bugs.
Feel free to share your thoughts opinions and ideas as it will help alot!
I will try to update the tread as often as I can :)
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I've reuploaded the images to imgur instead. Hopefully it works now. The demo download works right? I also want to point out, that there's no enemies in the third area, and also that the demo was somewhat 'rushed'. I felt like I had so much I wanted to add before sharing a demo, but I got kinda tired of it. so **** it :) this is how it looks as of now.
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I've reuploaded the images to imgur instead. Hopefully it works now. The demo download works right? I also want to point out, that there's no enemies in the third area, and also that the demo was somewhat 'rushed'. I felt like I had so much I wanted to add before sharing a demo, but I got kinda tired of it. so **** it :) this is how it looks as of now.
It works now and looks great! I remember this thread from a while ago, and am glad to see it still being worked on