Beta Monster of the Sum v1.1.4

Monster of the Sum v1.1.4


Monster of the Sum is a game where you fight monsters made of numbers. To defeat a monster, you must type in the correct sum of all of its numbers, then hit enter. This may seem very simple, but in later rounds it can be very challenging. The game consists of 5 rounds, which get increasingly harder. There is a levelling system as well, where you get EXP as you earn points. Right now there is only one game mode which is called "Rounds". Later on I plan to make more modes. The graphics are simple, almost cartoon-like, and in grayscale. The grayscale aspect is more of an artistic thing, in my opinion.

The controls are self-explanatory, but I will explain anyways.
You simply type the number in with the number keys, and then hit enter when you would like to submit.
Pressing backspace will delete a number.
Pressing the 'R' key will exit the game and go to the menu.



v1.1 - 8/20/2016

-Added Endless Mode, unlockable by beating Rounds in any difficulty
-Changed EXP levelling intervals from 1000 to 1024
-You can now use the numpad keys
-Added Debug Mode

v1.1.4 - 8/26/2016
-Added Easy difficulty, smaller numbers, harder monsters won't spawn in earlier rounds
-Added Custom difficulty, where you input the maximum number before starting, unlockable by beating Rounds in at least Hardcore
-Endless now requires to beat Rounds in at least Normal
-Fixed bugs


You can download the game as a .zip file here:
Monster of the Sum is now in v1.1.4. If you have any earlier versions, please download this new version. Unfortunately, you cannot carry progress between updates.​
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