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Free Monster Match! My first complete game :)


Monster Match! Train your memory by matching two monsters!
download here : https://kb145.itch.io/monster-match

I'll admit, this is a pretty simple little game, I made it for my son who has a shirt with all these little monsters on it... So that's where the inspiration came from :) Let me know what you think! I know its simple and I have more complex projects I've been working on... but I was just eager to get something complete and playable put out there.
This project is more or less finished now but I am still open to suggestions on things that could be improved, and if you experience any errors please let me know.
Oh... and there is a hidden "easter egg" somewhere in this game, comment if you find it ;)


Since I teach grades 1 to 6...90% of the games I make are education based.

Monster Match is a cool project. It's good that you have the cards animated when you click on them.