Discussion Monitor setup recommendation for work/development?


Are 4k 27" monitors worth it? Or do things look super small at 100% scaling anyway so might as well just get a 1080p? It's mostly for productivity, work, development, kinda task. I'd like to know how GameMaker runs too, if it improves productivity or not, and for other general game dev/software development stuff.

Any suggestions on monitor setups? I'm thinking of triple 1080p 22" monitors since they're quite cheap. I like 4k sharpness but they're kinda pointless if you're on a tight budget, so 1080p really stands out to me.

For 4k, is it even possible to do 100% scaling? At what size? 32" perhaps? I have a 55" 4K TV that I tried hooking my machine with, and boy things look super small!! I don't think anything less than 40" is viable for 100% scaling!!

Worth noting that I've always been ballin' on a 12" 1080p ultra book at 125% scaling so things get quite cramped. I can't fit as much code/IDE stuff on my screen. So I'm as happy as can be with dual 22" 1080p @100% scaling tbh, but I'm open to discussions.

One more thing, I'm also torn between dual vs. triple monitor setup. I feel like 3 is a bit overkill, and can potentially overwhelm me by constantly repositioning windows etc. thus it ended up being less productive instead, but on the other hand I think the extra space is great to have. Not quite sure though.

Let me know your insights!



I personally don't care for 4k. For me I like having 3 screens. Really depends on what Game dev tool I'm using. Reason I like 3 is because normally I'm watching a tutorial and one screen I use for my Ide (MS Visual studios) and the 3rd something like Unity. I'm currently using 2 Samsung 27in curved 1080 monitors. Its all that I can mount in my Big rig. I had an 34in Lg Ultrawide but i really like having a bigger monitor dualSetup.jpg


Honestly if you don't care about sharpness then 4k is pointless. Any 4k that's less than 40-50" will be quite hard to read at 100% scaling.

I personally recommend just basic multiple 1080p's especially if you're in a tight budget. Nothing beats that setup for the money as of now.


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I have a 32" 4K monitor and I can read font size 10 code at base scaling well. It's certainly smaller than my 24" 1080p screens, and if it was much smaller, it'd be unreadable.