Demo Mognor Wars: Redemption (With world play)



In the an alternate universe exists Undergreen. A world that has been at peace for a long time.
But 10 years ago a creature by the name Krogath decided to invade the world with is mognorians and capture it. Coming from a different universe using a machine called the time spiral.

10 years later and most of the inhabitants of this world have been either captured or fled to the far regions.

In this story you follow a young men by the name of Repoth Federith.
You are done with the Suppression and decide to go on a journey. You live in Ovelot a relatively small country. You want to defeat all the mognorians and free your country.

But you are not doing this alone.
Your friends Ekirth and Samonith will help you trying to find the one weapon that has the power to defeat Krogath and be free again.

This was the plot of the story

Some features:
Full inventory system
Puzzles and combat
Pretty big world but not entirely open
(Which means that you can do things freely but some parts of the game will not be accessable if you don't complete said events to access it)
Long story and a target of at least 15 hours playtime (if you are willing to do every single thing in the game that is planned to be there)
Much lore that tells about the past and more

This game will be rpg style much like the Pokemon games on the DS.
However this game will be released on Android and might even come to iOS at some point in time or in later development

This game is part of a school project and thus shall be completed with a release date around Christmas time.

You can already support me by going to my channel and following the Instagram account for updates

Stay tuned for more people this game is now in active development

the demo features the entire world that you can walk through and that's it no missions I've disabled those intentionally because they interfere with the battling system that is currently being remade to be turned based. hope you guys can give me information about any glitches or bad collisions. if there are any performance issues then tell me too. (game runs at 24fps so if you have noticable dips please tell where and what hardware you were using)
Official game teaser:

YouTube channel:

Instagram : @Mognor_Wars_Redemption

funny comparison: the mapsize is 15000x6000 and the player sprite is 32x64

demo versions:


The beginning remind me pokemon haha ! The game looks amazing and the work behind is probably huge ! Keep it up man !


The beginning remind me pokemon haha ! The game looks amazing and the work behind is probably huge ! Keep it up man !
Thanks man. the world design is indeed inspired by pokemon because I love those games.
been working on it for like 6 months now and I'm quite close to returning to the story.
but don't worry the story won't be like pokemon :)
and thanks for the feedback. if you are interested in mobile games I also released a little wave shooter on the play store which I'm also actively working on