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Oliver Andersen

Hey everyone!


My name is Oliver and I am currently in the middle of a concept design, I would like to see as a game one day. Its "somewhat" of a simple idea, since I believe those kinds of games have a much bigger success rate when it comes to actually creating a finished product. I have one problem before I can get any further with this idea though. I have no experience with Game Maker or programming at all. And to be honest, I don't have much passion in that field of game development. That is why I am here, looking for someone to help me out.

My Idea

Okay, so I said that this is somewhat of a simple idea, and it is, This is a game concept that is within reach. and I think that's a great start.

The Game concept: My inspiration comes from the old Asian board game "GO" Wich is a strategy game for two people. The objective of this game is to control more than 50% of the playing field when the game has ended. You reach by placing white and black pieces on a board. You are able to place 1 piece every turn. You can also Destroy / Steal your opponents pieces, by an enclosure.

I believe that this game concept can be great, if we give it a touch of modern game design, a simple twist, to speed things up, And with the newest graphic design made by Google (Materialistic design).

The Twist I am thinking about. Is replacing the normal game pieces with shapes you can fit together. like Tetris! But instead of trying to create rows. you will be trying to capture your opponent. This will speed things up by a great deal. and make it more accessible for casual players. It will also hopefully make a fun environment, where you always have time to play a 5-minute game.

It's super early in the development. and everything can still change. and there for sure is tons of things that need to be thought over again.

My skills

I'm currently being educated as a graphic designer.
I have lots of knowledge on layout/design theory.
Color theory. and the appeal of each of them.
I have experience with all Adobe programs
I have experience with web development
I have been a hobbyist artist for years

I'm looking for

I'm Looking for people who are somewhat experienced with Game maker studies 2.
You don't have to be a professional programmer. This isn't a full-time job, and I am more than happy to work with someone who wants to gather experience, just like me.

It Would be great if you have exsperience with Phone developement, since thats the platform im wanting to have it.

Concept "Scetch"

I have added some concept art so that people vision the idea from more than just words. DO NOT take this as a final design. or even final concept. This is nothing more than a rough Scetch so that I have something to show. It gives a great idea of what this could be though.

Contact info

You can contact me with a simple comment in this section, but if you want the fastest response, send me an E-mail at " "

I hope to hear from someone soon. Id really like to hear what peoples thoughts are on the project, and see if ill be able to find someone who would want to work on this with me.

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I have sent you an email with our work sample please take look.