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Asset - Demo Mobile Input Boxes




Download demo: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/385051928/Assets/InputBox/InputBoxDemo.zip

Fully functional one-line input boxes.

If you need a one-line input box with all the bells and whistles for only $1.99, this is the asset for you. With this text input asset you can avoid high prices and the time cost of programming one-line input boxes on your own.

  • One-line text input.
  • Text selection (with mouse, shift, Ctrl + A, and doubleclick).
  • Text navigation (with mouse, and arrow keys).
  • Copying, cutting and pasting.
  • Local undo/redo for each textbox (with Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y).
  • Delete and backspace.
  • Supports any type of font, and any size.
  • Custom colours alphas for multiple styles.
  • Commented and organized code.
  • Fast, lightweight and optimized, made with efficiency in mind.
  • Works in any module.
  • Minimal amounts of code .
  • All created in GML.

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Since the original version of this did not have mobile features, I just want to bump this to remind people that the latest version includes the following mobile features:

  • Rounded sprite-based customisable corners integrate smoothly with existing UI
  • Optional selection methods, traditional or mobile, will react differently with clicking and dragging
  • Selection handles (optional) which can be dragged to select, much like in iOS
  • Optional dynamic pop up menus which options change depending on what you've selected
  • Plus every typical windows input box feature!
As a disclaimer, this asset cannot open the mobile keyboard, there are other assets to do that.



I´ve managed this to create input boxes in Gui layer, if you want to implement this in the asset, here is my small changes :

1*- Duplicate the object inputbox to get a Gui copy to work with.
2*- Replace all "mouse_x" and "mouse_y" variables of all events to "device_mouse_x_to_gui()" and "device_mouse_y_to_gui()".
3*- Cut and paste the Draw_event code to the Draw_gui event.
4*- The same with ObjTestControl, replace all mouse_x and mouse_y varialbes.

That´s all, you have a Gui input box object working in the same way, but profiting the GUI LAYER.
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Little preview:

New version including 100% customisable multi-line input boxes made entirely in GML is coming soon! ;)

Yes, it will have the same mobile features as the current one!
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