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Alpha [Mobile] Idle Explorer (gps based idle/incremental)



Idle Explorer {name might change}
Operating system: Android
server: PHP
client: GameMaker:Studio 1.4
genre: idle/incremental
download link (10mb): http://www.mediafire.com/file/18mgolgt7cg7hhq/Idle_explorer_alpha_demo1_3.apk
game uses the phones gps.
GPS extension written by: Florian van Strien


in idle explorer the real world is converted into grids. Each grid is roughly 2.3 square miles.
You travel ingame by moving in the real world {DO NOT PLAY GAME WHILE DRIVING A CAR!!!}
recources can be gathered based on location and crafted into weapons/armor or used to advance your level.
the game is based on a 1 minute cycle. resources are collected 1 per minute, this even applies while not playing the game.
you have a carry limit on your resources, but it can be increased by increasing the level.

Location grids:
Mountains: mine ore
Woods: chop wood
Farm: collect wheat
Dungeons: -not created yet-

you can:
*collect resources
*gain Levels
*combat -working on-
*story mode -not created yet-

This is just an alpha release.
theres a basic login/password system (please use a unique password that you dont use anywhere else)
the screen orientation should be locked, and the map will always display north at the top.
There isnt a tutorial yet but almost everythings a button, map is top(drag to move view), your location is the red outlined grid, menu is at bottom, in middle it tells you what your doing and what uve gained last, and the blue/red thing in the top corner is a 1 minute countdown timer.

The core mechanics are in place but the game is lacking polish, hence all the menus are simply drawn. thinking graphics and icons and such for the future layout(input needed)
let me kno of any problems or things that dont seem right.
id love feedback on it sofar.

these dont crash the game but will be fixed soon enough.

*Fixed* Changing locations while game is paused means the timer will reset and you loose all resources you couldve gained. <u'll know it if you experience it)

*Fixed* Minor server hickups. sometimes the server hickups which will reset your actions. means you'll sometimes just stop collecting resources.

when returning to the game, sometimes ive noticed itll only give you a portion of your resources instead of all you should have gained. <doesnt happen often.

i believe the game only works if you use "device sensors gps" and not "network gps"

i tested it on a tablet that only had the "gps by network" option and it wouldnt load, likewise if i switch my phone gps over to "network mode" itll also stop working.

combat: still working on

story mode: story mode will be a series of quests that will have you collect resources and find locations to tell the story of the game.

dungeons: dungeons will be an entirely diferent experience in the game from the slow pace idle. im still working on the idea.

custom character avatar: choose from lists of head,body,arms,legs,accesories to create a custom looking character. (these will mostly be shown during combat)

more crafted items, lots more items in general also.

more things to gain levels in that affect gameplay.

more locations.

click items: these are items you gain by clicking on a location a certain number of times. (example: while mining ore if you click on the mountains over 10 times you'll gain 1 flower instead of ore.)

player claims location:
strengthen location and attack other players claimed locations. <pointless if nobody else around you plays, it is gps based.
customize your locations so other players can see. <same pointlesness as above
give your locations custom names that all can see. <same as above

overlay a static google map over the grids so you have streets drawn out. <seems like itd get too cluttered.

multi-player dungeon, allow multiple people to go into a dungeon as a group(fighting/exploring as a group).

structured character level system, Str,Dex,Con,Wis,Int,cha, and all the other typical rpg skills and such to gain levels in.

locking the player to a location: this way the player can choose to remain at a certain location doing a task even if you physicaly leave that area. (example: you realy need to go to work irl but you wanna stay home to mine ore because your job is in the woods. now you can do both.)
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sounds cool, especially the gps technical aspect.
As far as idle/incremental/clickfactory games .. I've played (the classic) candy box for a bit it seemed pretty novel but not worth replay. I played clash of clans on android for a minute which was interesting but had severe holes missing as far as sound game design (and ethics, ie info permissions and in game suckering) which deemed it not worth while in my book. One of the main drawbacks to the gameplay was a lack of actual space which might be remedied by GPS game space.
okay i tried it and it runs, but can't get it to sync w/ gps.. (I set everything to allow location, but I'm afraid I'm on too old a version to specify device gps mode.. I'm on an old 4.1 os I believe...)


Is it multiplayer?
technically yes. the location data is shared so if 2 people visit the same area, itll be the same for both.
however there isn't any player interaction with other players yet, but there will be.

okay i tried it and it runs, but can't get it to sync w/ gps..
i was afraid of this. im going to look into it and see what i can do. thanks for trying it though.
(when i first loaded it on my phone the gps wouldn't work either until i opened google maps, idk what it did but it made things work for some reason. you could try that and maybe it work for you too)
thanks for trying it out though