Asset - Project MMO Engine




  • Keyboard press networking send, instead of every frame.
  • Server sided moving enemy.
  • Global chat.
  • Player vs player
  • Coordinations are updated every while if any problem happens.
  • Smart double login protection.
  • Login to last joined room.
  • Normal EXP gained from hitting monsters and more EXP when they die.
  • Town safe zone.
  • 5 Attack spells.
  • 3 Heroes.
  • Accounts registration, and other information saved to ini files in server.
  • Mostly commented, See Notes.txt in project for information.
  • Simple code and not hardcore.
  • Works online if you portforward.
  • Made with default GMS2 networking
  • Players can only see each other in same room.

How to use:
  1. Start server.
  2. Open another game and start client as many as you want.

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