Missing sprites in GMS2



I opened my project today and all sprites are missing. I googled and it says GMS1 has a backup folder but GMS2 doesn't. I managed to recover most sprites from a copy but one i put a lot of time in is missing.

HOWEVER, I run the game and the sprite shows the one i created. But if i open the sprite in the editor, it's a very old version, nothing similar to it. Which tells me, there is some sort of backup of that image somewhere. Any tips on how to find it or extract it?

The sprite icon is the version i want, the object shows the version i want, the game shows the version i want but editing the sprite and watching the room window shows the old sprite. Wth?


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Start using source control like Git and you'll never have to worry about losing work again. (If you make commits often enough, at least)


Are the sprites missing in the IDE only? Or did you open the project folder and see that the Sprite folder is empty? Because everything you do in the IDE creates a file in the project folder. That's probably where it's getting the Sprite information from when you actually run the program.

Are you using version 2.2 or 2.3? If the latest version, make sure you never leave a Sprite editor window open when you're done looking at the Sprite.


will look into git, thanks.

I'm using 2.3 and the sprite folders were all gone in explorer. It's very likely that i left sprite editor open, seems like a pretty bad bug. Been getting some "game maker is unstable" messages lately so it could've gotten corrupt. But it's strange that it would physically wipe files off c: