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 Missing functions needed for compatibility!

There are two essential functions that are missing in GMS 2 but that are available in GMS 1.99.475 and up...


These functions are essential for compatibility with older GPUs. I've personally helped about 50 of my customers who required a specific setting for the vertex buffer to work.

The vsync option is just a nice touch since some computers absolutely die with one setting or the other.
It changes the vertex buffer method if you call it on the game start event, although I could be wrong about its restrictions. If you go in your global game settings you'll see a similar option.
Those are both on the obsolete function list (http://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/231738328-GameMaker-Studio-2-Obsolete-Function-List). Could you not just put these into a project in GM:S1.4 and then import that project into GMS2 and check the compatibility scripts that get created to see what the new alternatives are? It's possible that they have new functions to do the same stuff, or there are other/better ways to do the same things as those obsolete functions.
I actually did import my project into GMS 2. There are no alternatives. I wonder if they somehow fixed all this stuff in the GMS 2 rendering. Either way I have a nearly useless video settings menu now. xD