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Manuel Soruco


I’m a Composer based in Bolivia and also a huge gamer. I have been a musician since I was 3, and by now I have credits in over 60 CDs, DVDs, Films, Videogames and Theater Plays. My latest project was miniDoom 2, made in Game Maker and Wwise.

I have a big background in orchestration (played violin for 10 years), and I like to think that I can make my virtual orchestration sound pretty darn close to the real thing (although you can check samples on my website and be the judge yourself). I also played guitar, bass and drums on different rock bands and produced a looot of live and studio albums, so I have quite a diverse background.

I have my own recording studio (www.voxpopuliestudios.com), where I can record real instruments as well as combine them with my huge array of virtual instruments, and do some proper mixing and mastering.

I consider myself quite a versatile composer, although my forte is anything orchestral, rock/metal, and mostly anything in between, including symphonic metal, which very few can do properly! I can also incorporate native Bolivian instruments for a more esoteric sound (
), or use synths and more electronic stuff, but techno, dubstep and such aren’t my strong suits.

I also do sound design, and in fact I have won a few awards with audio (although in film, not gaming... yet!), and also was in charge of the whole audio post-production of a TV show during its second and final season quite a few years ago (2 Semanas).

Finally, about a year ago I started getting into game design/development, to be a better audio collaborator by having a bigger understanding of the medium and all different disciplines, and to be able to do my own projects, and in fact I was recently on GDC meeting publishers for my first game (you can check the trailer below on “Previous Work”).

Don't hesitate to contact me (Preferably over E-mail). I'd love to hear about your project!

Check my reel at: www.manuelsoruco.com/music/



Composer / Sound Designer
  • 3 Released Videogames (miniDoom 2, Happy Cells, Killumination)
  • 3 Feature Films + 5 Short Films
  • 3 Albums
  • "Interactive Scoring for Games" course at Berklee Online with a great recommendation from my tutor (check at bio section at website)
  • Advanced understanding of interactive music systems and how to implement them
  • National and regional awards (check web)

Audio Implementation
  • Wwise implementation (miniDoom 2)
  • Unreal Engine implementation (Multi-Frantic!)

Producer/Audio Engineer
  • Recording, Mixing and Mastering of over 40 releases including studio CDs and live CDs and DVDs.

Previous Work:

- miniDoom 2 - https://youtu.be/We23jlTe_nc
Composer, Audio Director, Audio Implementation (Wwise)

- Multi-Frantic! - https://youtu.be/Gk_33_SoECM
Lead Designer/Developer, Composer, Audio Design/Implementation

- Happy Cells - https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ppycells&hl=en

Web/Reel: www.manuelsoruco.com/
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/manuelsoruco
E-mail: manuel.soruco (at) gmail (dot) com