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Steam Mini Thief (Early Access)





Can you escape with the loot? Play as the Master Thief and steal as much as you can. Burgle houses in order to obtain some sweet, sweet loot but, be careful not to be caught!.

Your objective is simple, search the area for items which are exchangeable for money. Each level you pass will increase in difficulty. The more difficult the level is the more loot you will obtain.

Avoid the owner at all costs! If he catches you, well, you lose everything! including your money!

The game was previously greenlit by steam and you can check out a recently updated version here:

Steam Store: http://store.steampowered.com/app/481870
Also try the demo here: https://strangastudios.itch.io/minithief

Note: Demo is only one level with 3 difficulties early access version has 8 levels with 3 difficulties each.

We are still in early access stages so the game is near completion but still need work but we are open to suggestions and feedback.

Whats Coming!

We already have Local co-op with 2 controllers or the keyboard but we are working on online co-op and pvp which we are currently working on at the moment.

Language Portuguese: