HTML5 Minecart Mayhem


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Minecart Mayhem

Quickly build track segments to launch this crazy miner through the sky! Minecart Mayhem is sort of a cross between Line Ridder and Flappy Bird. The game can be played in browser on any device!

Play it free on our site -

Visuals by Gabriel Priske

Code by William John Holly

Design by both of us


Great idea, great execution.
I'm amazed how such simplicity can bring such enjoyment.
There's only one error i'd fix:
The hammer tutorial before the first player input looks like a wiggling penis. Better fix this if you aim for kids as your audience :D


predictably random
Forum Staff
This is very nice. Like you said, it has elements of the infamous Flappy Bird, but your version offers better movement IMO, since it adds a bit of "physics feel". I think that adds a lot to the gameplay value too.

I love the graphics and overall visual approach. Nice job on that. Kudos to the graphics artist here (Gabriel Priske). And the sound associated with "riding the rail" is lots of fun. Made me smile. :)

So far, I haven't made it very far into the game. But this is lots of fun, and it has good replay value. So I'll definitely be playing more of it. Well done!