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Mine Thieves [Android]

Currently in beta version:

In Mine Thieves the main objective is to steal the biggest treasure possible and be the number 1 in the world, but it will not be easy to run away from them in the mines and dungeons, so run as fast as you can.

To face them and other enemies, you have 9 skills to evolve your goblin, with 3 levels each, to help you achieve your goal. You will have the option to practice different strategies before going to the competition during training. It is important to know what strategy to follow before facing your enemies and the miners, so training will be crucial.

As your treasure increases, you will be able to unlock new levels that will cause you to consider new strategies to follow. As you progress through the levels, the treasures you find in the mines will be much greater. In addition, the rewards you will find in the chests you open and during the mining will help you to win more prizes.

You will also be able to chat with all the players and share your treasure in the lairs of your level. In return, you can get cheaper gems.

If you get tired of being a goblin, you'll be able to switch characters and make the competition more fun.

What are you waiting for? Come compete and prove you have better skills!



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This is my first Game :). I hope you enjoy!! Please share with me your opinions, are very appreciated.
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I like it. You should focus little bit more on graphics. You use too much of bevel and glow in some images. I would use slightly different colors (for example the gold). These 3 gold bricks would look better if you would add inner shadows to them (slightly different color on sides, shine on the edges etc.).

For a first game it is awesome. Btw, you have my follow on Twitter. I look foward to another news. :)


Thx for giving a try! ;)

Regarding your recommendations, I guess they are about the menu, right?


The bevel and glow are about the menu, mainly. But the example with the gold is "in-game". I will draw you the gold as example what I mean. Well, as soon as I have some time for it. :)


Hi all!

A new version has been updated in google play :). This is the content of the new update:

-Changes in the interface, simplifying it as much as possible and making it more "clear".
-Tutorial has been extended. Now is not possible to jump it.
-Daily free chests added
-Correction of some bugs.

If you want toi have a look into the tutorial and you keep the game installed, go to settings/help (pushing the gear button). If you have to install the game, it will appear in the beginning.

If you could have a look and tell me your opinions, as always they will be very welcomed.

Thank you!


Sorry that I still didn't send you promised image of the gold. I am really in hurry now with my game. At least you can take a look at this golden cake I made. You can see there what I meant (glow, colors). I wish you luck with your game. :)