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Min Font is a free collection of four minimalist fonts that I created using bitfontmaker2, a free web-based bitmap font editor. The fonts are intended to be ideal for low-resolution pixel art games.

The asset consists of the following fonts:
  1. min.ttf
  2. submin.ttf
  3. orthogonal.ttf
  4. careless_script.ttf
Each expresses minimalism in a different way:

Min and submin were my attempts to make a representation of the glyphs of the character set using the absolute minimum number of pixels to make each glyph unique and recognizable.

Orthogonal expresses minimalism through the number of angles and strokes employed to render the glyphs of the character set.

Careless_script demonstrates minimalism by the amount of effort I put into create it; I just scribbled with the pencil tool and didn't correct any mistakes. This one is good for drawing graffiti on walls in backgrounds :)

It's one of the most popular assets I've uploaded to the marketplace, and at the time of this writing has been downloaded nearly 500 times. I'd love to hear from anyone who's used the font in one of their projects.

Please review it if you give it a try!
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