Demo min.exe

taking a brain break fomr ZOMG! development over the holidays and starting building out a Meatboy/N++ style platformer.

Play as min and work our way through the lair of the dastardly exe as he tries to kill you with lasers!

A dark mode option is in the works as the white can be a bit jarring after a while.

I've beaten this level once before with ~80% charge on the cannons. The charging speed is variable and cutting the power cables does reduce the chargin speed. Also, the zoom out you saw was a button press. The player will be able to zoom out and get a beeter lay of the land while playing.

Playable Demo -pre R to restart
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Whoa I really like it. Looks buttery smooth, and I really dig the cannon charging mechanics and the rope physics.
Cool aesthetic, another great example how you can have beautiful graphics with such minimalism.