Suggestion Military Time?



I've had no luck finding a way in my account preferences to switch to military time.
Is this possible?

- Jeremy
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Snail Man

I haven't found a way to switch to a 24 hour clock either. Maybe you should mark this as a suggestion so it will be implemented?


Time is a tool you can put on the wall, or wear it on your wrist.
You are thinking of watches and clocks, they are tools which keep us acutely aware of the passage of time, which by definition is a concept.
But all in all, I do like your statement. Yay! Everyone's a winner! Winner, winner, chicken dinner. I haven't eaten since this morning.
I think we need a poll to figure out how everyone feels about wrists, walls, clocks, watches, time, and tools, and wearing thereof:banana:

Edit- Aside from that. Yeah, coming from a country without an army, it's odd to see "time" as having any sort of association with a military of any sorts. 24-hour time is just 24-hour time, even to any organized groups.
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I'd personally call it 'engineering time', but after having gotten a bunch of close friends from the US and being forced to stand their type of communication for a few months, I've gotten kinda okay with the aged notion of AM and PM. :p
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