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Hello. I've made some music that you can use and I might continue making more of them. All I ask is that if you use them, then please subscribe to my youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa54-UgPZkrYNVFrV3B8MPQ?view_as=subscriber


Free to use as long as I get a free copy of the game. Credit goes to me by the handle "Mibli".

Can I request music?

Yes! I'd be more than happy to compose for your game.


You can download the first package here: https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-music-pack

The first Chiptune Album: https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-chiptune-vgm-1

Here is the second album: https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-vgm-2 (Looking at Meowdia with Popcorn playlist is also there).

This is the third album: https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-vgm-3

Here is the fourth album: https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-vgm-4

The fifth album: https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-vgm-5

The sixth album: https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-vgm-6

Seventh album: https://mibli.itch.io/miblivgm7 (sorry, had to delete the songs on this one because you need license from one acapella guy to make it commercial)

Eight album: https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-vgm-8

Ninth album: https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-vgm-9

Tenth album: https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-vgm-10

Eleventh album: https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-vgm-11

Twelveth album https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-vgm-12

Thirteenth album https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-vgm-13

Fourteenth album https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-vgm-14

Fifteenth album https://mibli.itch.io/mibli-vgm-15

Cinematic music #1 https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-cinematic-music


SFX pack #1: https://mibli.itch.io/mibli-sfx-1

Car SFX: https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-car-sfx-pack

Mibli´s SFX #2 https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-sfx-2

Winter Sounds https://mibli.itch.io/winter-sounds-1


Hero battle voice https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-battle-hero-sounds

Hero Voice #2 (cinematics? battles?) https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-hero-voice-2

Disco / choir sounds https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-discochoir-voice-sounds

Radio man voice https://mibli.itch.io/radio-man-voice

Radio man voice 2 https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-radio-man-voice-2

Lich battle voice https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-lich-battle-voices

Ogre battle voice https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-ogre-battle-voices


Visit https://www.heroesoflegends.net/forum for textures.

This is using Tiled which seems to only support above 32x32, which these tiles actually don't support originally. These tiles are configured for 16x16. And there are a lot of images missing.

It would also be fun to see them personally in your game, through a video link or something.


Here is the first full tileset: https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-tileset-1
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I think I would need to see your game to do SFX for it. But I'm just giving out free resources. SFX are not on my list now.

2 tracks left to do and Album #5 will be done and released. The tracks are uploaded to youtube and soundcloud before zipping them and uploading them to itch.io.

Uploaded the fifth music album. You can get it here: https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-vgm-5

Sorry if I am posting multiply posts in one day on the same topic but I was quick today with the sixth album. Get it here: https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-vgm-6


Hello. I posted yesterday morning so I hope it's safe to make an update post today without the bot (or is it the mods?) that merges the posts together.

Update on textures only this update.

Most textures have been mapped. If you don't know what that means, look up 3d spheres and how they put different maps on those textures.
These trees from my website are mapped. Just to show you an example.

New art, temple like portal/structure: https://www.heroesoflegends.net/forum/textures-1/buildings-structures

Windows: https://www.heroesoflegends.net/forum/textures-1/interior-assets

Edit: Updated my first post with the first tileset.
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12th album https://mibli.itch.io/miblis-vgm-12

This album is quite experimental. Three of them are 160bpm. I usually work on 130bpm so this was a journey for me.

I also opened up a workshop now. Anyone that wants to request music can do so here.
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