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  1. VacantShade

    VacantShade Member

    Aug 8, 2016
    A NES style remake
    This project started as a way for me to get some experience moving over to GMS 2. It sort of snowballed and became a bit of a larger project. After playing the original Metroid on NES, I wanted to try to recapture the experience while improving some issues. What I've ended up with is this.

    I've recreated the original game but made some changes, such as:
    Sharper Movement
    A Map System
    Restarting with Full Health and Ammo
    Customizable Controls
    Item Percentage, Time Counter, and Mini-map
    A Randomized Mode, where Item locations will be swapped randomly
    A Hard Difficulty, where enemies deal 2x Damage, and Missiles and Energy are reduced
    Automatic Saving, no passcode needed
    Keeps track of Speedrun Data for your playthroughs

    One huge addition I added is a completely new world map that you can play through separately. That means this game actually has 2 games in 1: The original NES world and then a new redesigned one.
    The redesigned world has a larger world than the original, a completely new area, a few new enemies, and some new bosses.

    Here's a short video showcasing some of the features:

    Here are some screenshots:
    Screenshot 2 - Small.png Screenshot 8 - Small.png

    Screenshot 3 - Small.png Screenshot 9 - Small.png Screenshot 4 - Small.png

    DOWNLOAD: For Windows - [zip] 13.0mb Planets

    Z - Confirm
    Arrowkeys - Menu Movement

    Z - Jump
    X - Shoot
    C - Missile Select
    M - Map
    Arrowkeys - Movement

    Esc - Restart/Quit

    GAMEPAD is also supported and customizable

    HTML5 Should work on tablets with touch controls, but I have experienced issues with the audio.

    VERSION 1.0.0 [4/16/19]

    +Initial Release
    +Includes the Original NES World Map.
    +Includes an additional Redesigned World Map with some new enemies and bosses.
    +Includes Randomized Mode with randomized Item placements.
    +Includes Hard Mode with double damage and less missiles and energy.
    +Available for Windows and HTML5.

    I'd be happy to hear any feedback or error reporting. The game is 99% finished, but I may push out some bug fixes in the future if need be.

    Of course, certain "issues" are in the game to reflect the original's quirks, such as being able to be hit during room transitions, quick enemy respawning, ect. I don't plan on changing those at this time.
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  2. scorpafied

    scorpafied Member

    Feb 8, 2019
    Looks like u did a good job recreating what the original gave. Though imo u need to play the gameboy versions. They honestly are the best versions. Also i think in some cases the level design needs to improve. I dont recall if the nes version had it. But i recall having to shoot missiles that froze enemies and use em as platforms to reach certain spots.

    I noticed from the video some of the platforming seemed overly forgiving. Other then that however looked fantastic. Honestly i may not of noticed the difference otherwise.
  3. DividingByZero

    DividingByZero Member

    Jan 31, 2017
    Looks amazing, I love the original Metroid game a lot.

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