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Method/variable reference missing in GMS



I've been a developer for 13 years. Started with C++, then Java, and now mostly C#. I bought the Game Maker Studio bundle from Humble Bundle a few weeks ago, and have been going through the tutorials. I've come to a bit of an annoyance, and I'm wondering if this is how things are supposed to be.

If I go to Scripts->Show Built-in Variables (or built-in functions, extension functions, constants, etc) I get a nice long list... with just one column containing the variable name. There's no description, no arguments (for the functions), no additional information whatsoever. Is this by design? I figured out I can press F1 to get help, and then search for a particular method or variable for more info, but it seems to me the IDE should present the variable/function/etc lists with more information than just the name of the function. It looks like it was designed to be a quick reference tool, but without a description and a list of arguments, it's actually not useful at all.

Unless I'm missing something entirely. It's quite possible I am, so that's why I'm here asking.


There's a couple of other things to help out. One is that the editor shows you argument hints for built in functions at the bottom of the code windows:

... And you can get the same thing for your own scripts if you use the triple slash on the first line, like this:

/// textbox_create(x, y, text, name, avatar);
Also, instead of doing a search in the help file for the function you need, you can press 'F12' with the cursor overtop a function and it will take you directly to the help file page for that function. The same key will also open up the resource the cursor is on, for example, if you press 'F12' on a script call for 'textbox_create', it will open up that script.

About all I can think of for the moment. Hopefully this helps!
I figured out I can press F1 to get help, and then search for a particular method or variable for more info
You can also click the middle mouse button on any method that you have typed in and it will automatically load that help page. Much faster than having to F1 and then search for it manually.