Menus with Submenus #3 - Mouse Support


GM Version: Studio 2.3+
Target Platform: Windows
Download: n/a
Links: video below

Following on from my previous 2 menu tutorials, here's a new tutorial showing how to use structs and constructors to add mouse support to your menu/submenu. It allows you to easily navigate, and change settings and is really useful, as all keyboard support remains intact too.

If you find it useful, or want to request something, leave a comment and let me know.

I like your idea of using menus to try and teach structs, because they absolutely do fit really well in that context.
However, if the idea was to go in-depth, there's much more you could have tackled: methods, static methods, static variables, inheritance, etc... all of which are uber-useful when creating GUI.
Although there's no video version that I know of, there's an awesome official Yoyo blog article about just that, that is easily expanded upon as needed.
Total length of the draw event and step event are exactly 1 line each, if I remember correctly, so pretty neat code too, which is always nice.
Coding GUI elements with structs (Yoyo Blog)
Keep up the good work, mate!