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GMS 2 Menu text items disappear when i switch to fullscreen


Hi everybody,
I have a problem that occurs when I start my game. When i launch it, a game introduction screen starts and then the game goes to the main menu from where I can start a new game. the game starts by default in a reduced window and by pressing alt + enter I can switch to full screen. The problem is that if during playback of the introduction screen I switch to fullscreen mode, the menu items are not displayed in the main menu, if instead I switch to fullscreen after the menu has loaded, no problem.
Anyone know why this thing happens?


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Here's a bunch of ideas:
  • Fullscreening makes the GUI layer the size of the entire screen, and something in the menu uses the GUI layer size but only reads it when the menu loads.
  • You draw the menu to a surface, and it's destroyed when you switch to fullscreen mode and you never recreate it.
  • Pressing "enter" does something that closes the menu prematurely, because you control it with "enter" and don't specifically ignore enter-presses if "Alt" is held.
You'll have to show us the code for us to be able to actually tell, though. How does your introduction screen work, and how does the menu work?