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Memory leak, empty room


Hello together,

in the lastest GameMaker Version 1.4.9999 I noticed a strange memory leak.
For testing purpose I created a new project with only two rooms containing only one object. These objects do nothing more than switch rooms back and forth on key press.
In the GameMaker Studio Debugger the "Memory Used" increases every room change. How can this be?
I switched from Windows 7 32 Bit to Windows 10 64 Bit and under Windows 7 I haven't noticed this problem.

Regards Rafael


I'm experiencing this, too, but with the latest Studio 2 release.

Switching rooms in my latest project increases the memory by about 152k. I'm about to create a test project like @OmniRafa did (but I'll be using GMS2 v2.2.1.375 Runtime v2.2.1.291) and I'll post the results when I'm done.


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Edit: Since my instance of this memory leak is with GMS2, I am making a seperate forum topic for it.
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