Maybe Culling? Maybe Mask? Maybe Depth? Maybe Draw_...????


jeremy thevenot

HI Community!
My project is hung up on this issue. In the attached image 'You' can see (unfinished) level art, a character sprite (which has movement and animations implemented), an invisible collusion shape (keeping character from walking over things, and finally "my issue."
The green highlighted areas, the team wants to have the character sprite to not render inside that shape; giving the illusion that the player is walking behind objects. We have discussed curtain issues that we foresee already with this method alone. We have plans to evolve the execution if we can get it working.
We've consulted the manual, and dug deep. This engine is perfect for what we want to do! We then searched tutorials to try and find similar scenarios, and now Our main guy feels like he is working backwards to wrap his head around the issue. We've been throwing code at it for a while now.
One thing he said was it could be the (draw_self) script we have on our (obj_player) might be taking that control away from us. We have heard not to use that function......any thoughts?
We also know this is a techniques that to some seems unnecessary, but we are trying to keep as much level art in one piece as possible. Being isometric, getting this to work would make things smoother for our pipeline!
Thanks everyone and Any Help or suggestions would be great!
Happy Coding!!!


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