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    Sep 1, 2016

    An original platformer where you stick to all surfaces, run on walls and roofs as you make your way through dangerous levels containing, puzzle, hazards and interesting gameplay mechanics.
    The levels are made with the in-game highly customizable level-editor that I've planned to make public when its ready.

    Everything is subject to change.

    In a galaxy somewhere out in space..
    A star has lost its balance and has started slowly pulling in the surrounding planets to its center. Leading all life to inevitable destruction. This change has corrupted some living organisms on the planets. The cause for this is unknown.
    You are not a person. You are the universe itself sensing a threat. A guiding force of balance. Energy from the universe combined into the shape of a living being. Gather enough energy from the planets to strengthen yourself, then dive into the core of the sun to correct and restore order.

    -Charge meter:
    Collecting shards fills your charge meter, the charge meter helps you open chests and will have more uses later on.

    Collect all shards in a level to get the chalice at the end of a level. Shards will respawn in place so you can maintain the charge meter, but need only be picked up once.

    Can be initiated from inside the level after completing it once.
    Note: Deseras has currently no time trial. Leaderboards will be added later.

    Move > Right mouse button + Aim mouse
    Jump > Left mouse button
    Harden > Spacebar
    Dash > Press MOVE the moment you touch the ground, the longer you hold the further you will dash

    -When dead:
    Fast forward respawn > Left mouse button
    Instant respawn > Right mouse button

    -Menu controls:
    Navigate menus > WASD or Arrows keys
    Accept > Enter / Spacebar / Left mouse button
    Cancel > Escape

    -Dont forget to set your FPS to 120/144 or higher if you have the supported pc/monitor. Setting higher than the supported HZ will make the game go slo-mo.
    -Dont forget to do the TUTORIAL by pressing space in the main menu

    If you experience any lag please let me know

    Everything but the sounds were made by me, Kahrabaa aka DarksideX aka Ali mustafa
    Special thanks to ma brotha.
    Sounds from
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