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I want to introduce you Master Mind, its Hardcore Memory Game, where you must find 2 same pieces of cards, but there are mods available, what makes game "little" more harder.

SC_1.png SC_3.png SC_2_CZ.png

for choose there are 2 main mods:
-Moving lines (after you do NOT make good pair, whole line will move)
-Switching cards (after you do NOT make good pair, these cards will be switched)

and 2 more sub modes:
-Roll Back (after you do NOT make good pair, 1 random pair will be turned back)
-Sudden end (whenever you select 1 card 2 times unsuccessfully game will reset)

Download (Android)

Thank you all for reviews and shares.

Beta gameplay:

Beta Teaser

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Let´s share some news (not downloadable version)

SC_5.png SC_6.png

News list
-New menu font
-More modes (Random moving lines, Random switching cards)
-New sub-modes
Smash - (WIP Name) - If you don´t make pair, card will be blocked for 1 turn.

-Transparent board
-New GUI